Picture Luke blowing up the Death Star.

Now fast forward 137 years and you have entered the world and of Star Wars Legacy. The series portrays a time where the movie characters are long dead, the Republic has been overthrown by the Empire, whose power was subsequently usurped by the Sith.

Typically this series features Luke’s descendant, Cade Skywalker. However, Cade and his small band of pirtes take a back seat as the supporting cast gets some face time in this action packed issue!

Brief synopsis:

The scene is the watery planet of Dac, and the action starts immediately as Emperor Darth Krayt and his Sith minions commence genocide on the native species of the planet, the Mon Calamari. Meanwhile, the Admiral of the rag tag Galactic Alliance fleet, a Duros named Gar Stazi, can only watch his holoprojector as the Mon Calamari massacare is broadcast throughout the galaxy. Useless to the fish-like aliens due to a lack of man power, Admiaral Stazi also lacks any significant fire power since the Imperious, a stolen Super (Duper) Star Destoryer of the Sith, has yet to get its weapons systems online…

Back on Dac, Mon Calamari and Rogue Squadron member, Monia Gahan, is trying desperately to escape the Sith genocide and return to her fleet. She is unexpectedly aided by two Imperial Knights, whose loyalties were sworn to the Empire before the Sith seized power. The Knights give Gahan distressing information about the Imperious that needs to reach Admiral Stazi posthaste in order to prevent an impending disaster…

And so, the race begins!

Some thoughts on the issue:

-Writer John Ostrander delivers in this title. Of all the Star Wars books, Legacy is by far the darkest, most interesting, and best written as its subject matter is uncharted territory. In the other Star Wars titles, the settings are familiar, and the characters, while interesting, don’t live up to their movie predecessors. But in Legacy the galaxy is Ostrander’s canvas, and the characters he creates are unique and engaging.

-Alan Robinson’s style of art contributes to this books success. He draws bizarre creatures very well, which is a must in a Star Wars title, and the main characters are easily discerned from the masses. Robinson’s battle scenes look great and have more violence to them than Star Wars fans may be accustomed to. I say this because the action doesn’t slow down in this issue as Stormtroopers lose heads, Imperial Officers get split in two, and Mon Calamari get fried. Personally, I appreciate the bloodlust as it sets the tone for the book, and the series. Anything less would be lame and expected.

-Some one liners:

“The Mon Calamari will have time to suffer and reflect on their crimes until all are extinct. I will purge the galaxy of their culture and history. Such will be the fate of all who oppose the Sith” – Darth Krayt

“We are Imperial Knights. We do our duty by the Emperor and the Force- No matter the cost. That is the difference between you and me.” – Sigel Dare

-Get this. In the back of the comic, there’s a letters page! How awesome!

-If you’re the type of person who can’t enjoy a Star Wars book without a lightsaber cutting something, this issue will satisfy your tastes as Sith Lords slice and dice Mon Calamari, then mix it up with Imperial Knights.

The final word:

Star Wars Legacy is easily my favorite Star Wars comic, as the stories are fresh and the characters worth investing in. I almost didn’t notice that the series’ main character, Cade Skywalker, appears in zero panels and is never mentioned in this issue. When the lead guy doesn’t show, and the issue still holds its own and then some, it’s obvious that the Force is with Legacy!

4/5 stars

Star Wars Legacy #22