Long time X-Men fans are going to love this book! The first issue of a four issue mini series, X-Men Manifest Destiny #1 contains three short stories featuring Iceman and former New Mutants Boom-Boom and Karma.

To be blunt, I was entertained from cover to cover.

Brief plot synopsis for story one:

The first story kicks off with the lead character, Iceman, in an apartment with his old flame, Opal (remember her?). Bobby Drake can’t manage to get his body warm, and the condition begins to seriously concern him as turning into Iceman only worsens the problem. He calls on the X-Men for help…

Some thoughts:

Writer Mike Carey really likes the character of Iceman and it shows. His use of Opal, a character from Bobby’s past, makes this Iceman fan feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Plus, Carey provides a twist in the plot which I didn’t see coming, and his ending of part one of a four part story leaves the reader wanting more.


I rarely give spoilers, let alone comment on them, but I need to make an exception here. I mentioned in my review Uncanny Is An Understatement about how Beast is apparently losing his secondary mutation and I posed the question if this would happen to other mutants. As Bobby can’t seem to warm himself up, could this be the case for him as well? If so, we may see the trend continue in other characters who have developed secondary mutations… like Emma Frost.


It’s great to see Bobby caring about his powers and actually making a serious effort at developing them. Being a fan of Iceman’s, I’m loving this story and am eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

Brief plot synopsis for story two:

The next story features Tabitha Smith, a.k.a ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Boom-Boom,’ squaring off against a new villain whom she despises like no other!

Some thoughts:

Artist Chris Burnham truly captures the look of Tabitha, complete with a wardrobe of slinky slips and time bomb earrings. James Asmus writes the story in the style of an early 90’s sitcom which totally fits the character of Boom-Boom. I found myself laughing out loud and the end tag line is hilarious!

On a different note, has anyone else noticed the surprising amount of Stephen Colbert campaign signs that have found their way into comics lately? I’ve seen this Easter Egg in a number of different titles…

Brief plot synopsis for story three:

The issue’s final stoy features the fist ever New Mutant to appear in print, Shan a.k.a Karma, and focuses on her inability to control her mind possession powers.

Some thoughts:

The art by David Yardin is the best in the issue, and writer C.B. Cebulski compliments him with a serious script about this minor X-Men character. Emma Frost makes a cameo appearance, being the stern, no nonsense Emma of old. Also, the tribute to Whedon’s run on Astonishing X-Men is an appreciated moment in the story, and one that tells a lot about Shan’s character.

Some quotes from the issue:

“You’ll blow it big time if you die on me Drake. Make the call.” – Opal

“I dated Cannonball!” – Boom-Boom

“FaceSpace! It’s a website where you connect with your friends, and you make new friends… but you know, without having to actually talk to anyone.” – Boom-Boom

The final word:

Make no mistake, I had a blast reading this issue as it had a great twist and made me laugh. It’s enjoyable to read about characters who don’t necessarily get the spotlight, as Iceman wasn’t featured much in the events of Messiah Complex or Divided We Stand, and both Boom-Boom and Karma have never been major players of the X-Men. With all the other X-Books in publication, X-Men Manifest Destiny #1 shouldn’t be overlooked.

It’s a great time to be an X-Men fan.

5/5 stars

X-Men Manifest Destiny #1