There they were,

Two of a kind


But never alone

Smiling, bright, and clear

Their lives their canvas,

Each other their brush

Alarms go off

Jarring reality and rationality

It’s the only opening it needs

Swooping, diving, claws extended it takes over

Twisting all thought into something unpure

You’re the victim, I’m the witness

Yet it can’t stop

I want it to but it won’t stop

The gaps are exhausting, the emotions overwhelming

Yet, when the dust settles and the fog blows over

Only two figures remain

Cold, and wet

Yet they remain

You and I

All others, all else, all of it has changed

Not them

Not us

Let me take your hand

Trust me, I won’t let you go

Let me embrace you

Trust me, I won’t let you go

Let me be your love story

Trust me, I won’t let you go.