Passing glass back and forth

We drive on the open road

Our energies cruising with time

As we observe nature’s beauty

Two best friends

Living in the present

Sharing stories of past moments

We laugh as a cloud surrounds us

Then without warning

A flash of red and blue


Our happy gathering

Eyes burned red

My mind computing


Of possibilities

The enforcer approaches

Staying calm I return to my breathing

He shines an accusing, menacing light in my eyes

Breathing grounds me

“Here you go sir.”

He gets his documentation

Sixteen minutes 

Is all it takes to see my future

Self destruct

All for a few brief moments of fun

Sixteen minutes

He makes us wait

The breath is all I have

Sixteen minutes later

He returns

“Fix your muffler, and have a nice day.”

Relief washes over me

My senses relax 

Evidence that breathing

And control

Are the ultimate life savers.


Photo taken by Andy Liegl