The guilt he feels weighs heavily on his mind.

Like sunlight in the afternoon, it comes and goes.

He feels sorrow for a past love,

She was a happy person and he hurt her.

Wretched intentional acts of the past have caught up to the present, disrupting the man’s future.

His new fortress begins to crumble all around him;

 Plans catch aflame, burning a horrible feeling forever in his gut.

The feeling extends it’s vice grip to the mind;

It holds on tight, not allowing him to move forward. 

Constant reminders to learn from past mistakes keep the man in a stable frame of mind….

However, that is where it stays; stable. Not positive… only stable. 

This has locked him in a perpetual state of unhappiness,

Affecting everything and every person that surrounds him.

Nothing will change, either…

Until he learns to forgive himself.