echo1Who wants some Moore? I definitely do!

Terry Moore’s Echo, published by Abstract Studios, is one of those great comic books you aren’t reading. Moore both writes and draws the book whose plot is this: Julie Martin, a cute late 20 something photographer is taking pictures in the desert near Moon Lake when all of a sudden an explosion happens above her. Tiny liquid metal pellets rain down upon Julie and her red pick up truck, eventually congealing onto her skin and forming a liquid metal breastplate.

Since the recent divorcee (who lives alone with her ex’s dog) can’t manage to get the metal plate off of her, she naturally goes to a hospital to try and have it removed. When the metal plate shocks the doctor who tries to take it off, Julie realizes that this mercury-like substance on her body is more than just ordinary metal…

And indeed it is as in the opening pages of Echo #1, we learn that the metal is only a fraction of an advanced weapons battle suit created by the U.S. government. They want their property back, and unknown to Julie, some federal agents have been sent to track her down before she discovers the true power of the advanced body plate.

However, these agents are only another road bump in Julie’s honest yet rocky life, as she’s also dealing with a cold ex-husband, an absent minded sister, and adjusting to the harshness of a post-divorced single life. Along the way she meets Dillon Murphy who happens to be the boyfriend of Annie Trotter- the woman who was wearing the metallic suit when it exploded… and rained down on Julie.

So now Julie has learned that her breastplate is actually part of Annie’s suit which has memories of Annie trapped inside that transmit themselves to Julie. When the U.S. Army gets physical and attempts to reclaim the suit, it automatically fires back at the soldiers in self defense. Dillon and Julie then flee the scene, fearful of the government and what they may do if they were to get control of Julie. The two then discover the truth about the suit- that it’s an A-Bomb waiting to go off!

And throughout all this, a nomadic old man who appears to have the powers of a god wants Julie dead…

Echo is seriously worth checking out. I decided to give it a read during a slow day at work (while bagging and boarding, mind you), after a woman came in to the store asking if the new issue had come out. Since I hadn’t read it and didn’t know anything about the series, I asked the woman what it was about. She turned out to be such an avid fan of the title, I decided to give it a shot and read issues #1-12. Surprisingly, I have added Echo to my pull list and eagerly await the coming issues! The story is fresh, the characters are ordinary and relatable, and the art is crisp and (dare I say?) pretty. Luckily the first 5 issues are compiled in the trade Echo: Moon Lake, and the second trade, collecting issues #6-10 is due out in June entitled Echo: Atomic Dreams. If you’re like me and trades won’t quell your monthly fix, back issues shouldn’t be too tough to find as Echo has only published 12 issues to date!