I’m power ranking all of the X-Men (and former X-Men) who are currently appearing in a comic book or have appeared in a comic since Messiah Complex ended. There are 75 total characters to rank (nearly all are mutants) beginning with the weakest and ending with the strongest.

So what are power rankings? Mostly used to rank sports teams on how well they are playing now, my power rankings are a list of X-Men based on what their power set is in current continuity (or most recent appearance). Other factors that determined a character’s ranking are: what their power potential is, what they’ve already proven they can do (so long as it is still relevant in current continuity), and their over all level of badassness. If you disagree with me that’s totally cool- please leave a civilized comment explaining why. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, and while I believe this list to be very solid in it’s numbering, I want to hear your opinions! Check it out:

shatterstar#44. Shatterstar: Since around the time of the Marvel Civil War, Gaveedra Seven (yes that is his real name) has been absent from comics until X-Factor #43. In that issue he kicks the crap out of Rictor and Strong Guy, unsheathing his famous swords from the sleeve- leading us to believe that they are now retractable. He looks like a total bad ass with his eyes glowing red and his hair cut short, losing the braids and weird padded helmet thing he sported in the 90’s. It would appear that Shatterstar is currently possessed by an entity named Cortex… but we have no clue yet as to who or what ‘Cortex’ may be. Gaveedra (man that’s such a weird name) would probably be ranked a little higher if this list were done a few years ago, but we don’t know enough about him currently to justify a better spot.

Powers: Shatterstar is gifted with a superhuman level of physical and mental power which bolsters his senses, strength, speed, reflexes, agility, dexterity, coordination, balance, and endurance (these aren’t mutant abilities however, but a result of the extra-genetic mutant engineering that created him). His bones are hollow making him light and nimble, he can quickly learn and master languages or technology, and when wounded his body accelerates the healing process (though not anywhere near as efficient as Wolverine or X-23’s healing factor). Shatterstar’s main mutant power, which he rarely uses, is the ability to generate and channel powerful vibratory shock waves and bio-electricity through his swords. He can also lift up to 5 tons.

First Appearance: New Mutants #99, 1991.

surge#43. Surge: Noriko Ashida is a young character who has the potential to make a major splash in the Marvel Universe at some point in the future. Surge was leader of the New X-Men and during Messiah Complex was furious at Cyclops for ordering her young team of mutants to stay on the side lines while the adult X-Men went looking for the Messiah Child. Acting on impulse, Surge led her team on a covert mission to strike at the mutant hating Purifiers in hopes of finding the baby and proving Cyclops wrong. Things didn’t work out too well though as the New X-Men got their butts kicked by The Reavers, and her teammate Hellion ended up getting Lady Deathstrike’s claws through his chest- all because Surge couldn’t follow orders. After MC ended, Emma Frost gave Noriko a verbal pat on the back, stating that she chose the young mutant to lead the team because Noriko would “protect them no matter what.” Despite the vote of confidence from Emma, Surge struggled with the pain of losing so many friends to horrible deaths while leading the New X-Men, and has yet to rejoin the team. Most recently she was held hostage by the Leper Queen, but X-Force came to her rescue- what has happened since then presently remains unknown.

Powers: Surge has the power of Electrical Absorption as she is absorbing electricity at all times. She wears power gauntlets that regulate the electric intake and eventual release, but if she doesn’t discharge the electricity build up in her body it causes her mind to race, usually resulting rash decisions and a short temper. Noriko can discharge the electricity in bursts of lightning from her hands or body and also use it to give her super human speed.

First Appearance: New Mutants (vol. 2) #8, 2004.

rickslide#42. Rockslide: One of the more outspoken members of the younger generation of X-Men, Santo Vaccarro has also been one of the most active young mutants since Messiah Complex. During MC he stood tall against the mutant eating beast, Predator X, literally holding it back as his teammates fled. Santo was a key player in the Young X-Men series, and in X-Infernus he proved his worth in Limbo as he is immune to magic there and becomes engulfed in flame, enhancing his strength. I really wanted to rank him higher, but in almost every battle he’s recently been in he always gets rocked. Santo needs to learn how to kick some ass while staying in one piece.

Powers: Rockslide is a Geokinetic Psychic Entity, meaning that he is a stone golem who can explode on command and reform himself from any surrounding rock. His body is composed of inorganic granite which is able to be pieced back together when destroyed. He can lift up to 25 tons, has enhanced stamina, and is extremely durable.

First Appearance: New Mutants (vol. 2) #7, 2004.

longshot#41. Longshot: In nearly every sense of the term, Longshot is ‘that guy.’ Currently appearing in the pages of X-Factor, he flawlessly seduces any woman he comes into contact with and when called out on it he only smiles as if to say “I can’t help it, it’s a gift.” The funny part about this is that he doesn’t even seem to try (or care to) make women feel all hot and moist about him, it just seems to happen. That being said, the mistake shouldn’t be made of considering Longshot a pushover. Sure he’s, uh, ‘colorful’ to say the least, but the guy is downright deadly. He has shown recently in X-Factor that he possesses a killer instinct when in a brawl, hurling multiple knives into the faces of some unfortunate guards, holding nothing back when in danger. In short, the dude is bad ass.

Powers: Longshot’s primary power is Probability Field Manipulation, the ability to affect probability fields through psionic means in order to give himself good luck. This of course allows incredibly unlikely events to turn out in his favor- like sleeping with women and walking away from fights unscathed. However, if he uses this power for a selfish or evil act, or gives up hope in a situation, his powers will fail to function or backfire, giving him bad luck. This is why I stated before how he doesn’t seem to manipulate women intentionally because if he did they wouldn’t like him. When his luck powers are working the star shaped scar on his left eye begins to glow brightly. Longshot also has Psychometric Insight which allows him to read the recent memories of any person he makes physical contact with, often taking the form of him re-living a persons memory as if he were present when it actually happened. He can also read the psychic imprints people leave on objects, and can even look into the future of someone he touches.

First Appearance: Longshot #1, 1985… what a narcissistic bastard, huh?