Here we are, set to kick off the Top 10! Wow. It seems like only yesterday we started counting down from number 75. I honestly feel that the following 10 mutants who close out these power rankings are the most powerful and bad ass that the X-Men have to offer. So brace yourself. Things are about to get intense!

So what are power rankings? Mostly used to rank sports teams on how well they are playing now, my power rankings are a list of X-Men based on what their power set is in current continuity (or most recent appearance). Other factors that determined a character’s ranking are: what their power potential is, what they’ve already proven they can do (so long as it is still relevant in current continuity), and their over all level of badassness. If you disagree with me that’s totally cool- please leave a civilized comment explaining why. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, and while I believe this list to be very solid in it’s numbering, I want to hear your thoughts! Here’s #6:

storm#6. Storm: Ororo Munroe is one bad ass woman. While absent from Messiah Complex, she was later featured in her own mini series, X-Men: Worlds Apart, where she (once again) takes down the Shadow King. Storm is currently in Astonishing X-Men, and questions the morality of Cyclops’ new ‘strike first, ask questions later’ mentality. She ranks so high on our list here because yes, her powers are amazing, but forgetting about them for a moment, she is also the Queen of Wakanda and one formidable hand to hand combatant without using her powers. Aside from Wolverine and X-23, I can’t think of any X-Men more suitable for one on one fights than Ororo. Yeah sure, she dropped Callisto way back when but more recently in Astonishing X-Men #29 she is without her powers (due to a dampening field) and armed only with a knife, yet she still manages to kick the crap out of a disgusting mutant monster who is at least three times her size. The Weather Witch is not to be messed with, and she gets the respect she deserves here.

Powers: When it boils down to it, Storm’s powers are best described as psionic control over energy patterns that mainly deal with weather manipulation due to her being highly in tune with nature and the elements. She can create tornadoes, blizzards, deafening thunderstorms, fly via air currents, flash freeze things almost instantly, summon lightning bolts, manipulate air pressure, cause hurricanes, floods, and can even hone her powers so well that she’s able to control the air in a persons lungs, etc., etc. Think of a weather condition and Storm can create it! However, she can only manipulate weather patterns in places where they naturally exist, meaning she couldn’t end a drought by summoning a tidal wave. Despite her powers being limited to her environment, even in space she can harness solar winds taken from the energy of a nearby star, and her lightning is almost always on hand. Storm can choose to command the weather by vocal command, as if it were her personal army, through a psychic bond between herself and the primal force of Earth’s atmosphere. This is why she sometimes enters into a narrative during combat, as she communicates with the Earth on a spiritual level. Ororo is unaffected by the weather conditions she creates, but for others, she has to dissipate the effects at will and depending on the intensity of the ‘storm’, the caused conditions can sometimes be difficult for her to negate. The danger with her powers is that they are partially dependent on her emotional state, meaning that if she were to fly into a rage, her powers could go out of control and wreak havoc on the surrounding environment. As learned through her many confrontations with the Shadow King, Storm’s abilities do not work in the spirit world as they are contained within her body. Ororo also has irrefutable willpower, is an accomplished Gardner, a master thief, and is highly claustrophobic.

First Appearance: Giant Size X-Men #1, 1975.