Now that the X-Men Power Rankings are completed, I’m sure you’ve noticed a few characters were omitted from the list. Characters who in current Marvel 616 continuity are either dead, in comic book limbo since the Messiah Complex event began, or have only recently reappeared in comics after the Power Rankings had already begun.

So, here we are with the appendices- a place to briefly discuss these characters who didn’t make the list and where they would have been placed if they had. Check out the third appendix below!

omegaOmega Sentinel: Karima Shapandar missed the Power Rankings because only heroes were ranked and this Prime Sentinel (a human who has been transformed into one of the mutant killing machines) was a member of the Marauders during Messiah Complex. She then fell in with the Acolytes after the event. Post X-Men Legacy #225 (where Charles Xavier single-handedly dismantled the Acolytes’ base defenses and disbanded the team without delivering a single blow) Karima relocated to San Francisco where it has yet to be determined if she has officially fallen back in with the X-Men. Given her power set I would have ranked her between #20 and #16.

Powers: Since Karima is fitted with the Omega-Prime Sentinel nanite technology, she is granted a vast array of abilities. She has enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and reflexes, as well as the ability to fly and repair any damage that she may receive. Upon completing these repairs she becomes stronger and more durable than she was before the damage. Technopathy allows her to control machines on a limited scale and life support technology makes her extremely difficult to ‘kill.’ Since Karima is a sentinel, she also has an arsenal of weapons concealed within her.

First Appearance: X-Men Unlimited #27, 2000.

blindfodlBlindfold: This is kind of embarrassing on my part but Blindfold was omitted because… well… I forgot about her. Oops. She made a few appearances in the X-story lines preceding Messiah Complex and then showed up as a major player in Young X-Men, but for whatever reason she totally slipped my mind while formulating the rankings. I guess she’s just one of those easily forgettable characters.

Powers: Despite being physically blind (her eye sockets are completely covered with skin) Ruth Aldine’s primary power is precognition; the ability to see forsee events destined to occur and experience visions about these events. Her powers are similar to those of Layla Miller who ‘knows stuff,’ but to a slightly lesser (and less interesting) extent. Also, Blindfold is a bit more dramatic with her delivery about said events. She is retrocognitive in that she can see the past, and clairvoyance allows her to visualize far off places and events and even visualize her present surroundings. Possessing a low level of telepathy, Ruth can read minds and dreams but is unable to send thoughts to others. While she isn’t immune to psychic attacks she is protected from telepathic control or possession and her mind cannot be read telepathically. Due to her visions being very cryptic and not immediately useful in addition to her lack of any offensive power, Blindfold would have been ranked at #74… maybe even #75.

First Appearance: Astonishing X-Men #7, 2005.

huskHusk: Paige Guthrie is another one of those characters who has been lost in comic book limbo for a few years. She was last seen post Messiah Complex in the mini series Divided We Stand where all she did was pick up her brother, Sam Guthrie, and drive him home for a short visit. It would appear that she has decided to stay in Kentucky with her family and that her romance with Warren Worthington III has come to an end.

Powers: Husk’s ability is formally called Transitional Omni-morph Husking which essentially means that she can change her body to imitate any solidity that she is familiar with (that matches her body mass). This includes (but is not limited to) adamantium, rubber, diamond, granite, glass, wood, and brick. Paige can maintain her husk form for about an hour before being forced back to her flesh and blood state. She can ‘husk away’ smaller injuries but the effects of more serious wounds cannot be shed. A side effect of her powers is that when husking she sheds her clothes, meaning that upon reverting back to her original form she is buck ass nekked. Husk would have been ranked in the high 40’s or the low 50’s.

First Appearance: New Mutants #42, 1986.

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