Well, hello everyone! Wow, it has been a long, long time since I posted anything on this blog. As you’ve probably [not even] noticed, MintConditionPublishing.com is no more and this place will forever be known as NoPantsRomance.com. Why the change? Because MCP was a stupid domain name for the content posted here. How did you all let me get away with that for over three years? NoPantsRomance.com sounds so much better. I feel like claiming that one was $25 well spent.

So. Here we are. Meeting once more on the interweb, as my thoughts, now written in the past, transcend into your brain. Damn you have a sexy brain. Reminds me of those pocketless jeans girls used to wear all the time in the early 2000s. Good stuff.

Anyway, where have I been? Honestly, I have no idea. There’s no good reason why I haven’t posted anything since September 2009. Almost two years is a long-ass time to not post on a blog. It’s not like it takes much effort. But lets not get buried in what has already transpired. Let us look ahead, my friends. What can you expect from me moving forward? I have absolutely no fucking clue. I know I want to get back into covering the Bills and Sabres. Maybe the Falcons. If I get really ambitious, perhaps the LA Kings too, but that’s doubtful. Probably not a lot of comic book related stuff though; you can find all of my musings in that genre here. I’ll be posting many more photos of my everyday life here in Los Angeles, and the encounters that transpire therein. Of course, that will most likely include lots of weird shit. There’s tons of that out here. I’ll probably get passionate and political at times too, and maybe, if I’m feeling frothy, a poem will slip in here and there. We shall see.

Just don’t expect any type of formula or set schedule or anything. The last thing I want is another deadline. Just check back here to NoPantsRomance.com for a whole lotta random stuff. If I don’t update enough for your impatient buns, head over to my other site, ComicAttack.net. You can be amused there for hours.

Welcome back my friends. It’s good to see you all once again.