It was touching finding some of these quotes from industry pros remembering the late Joe Kubert. He truly touched so many people who are leading the industry today.

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Marv Wolfman: “Joe gave me my first editorial job in 1971 as his editorial assistant then my first series to write,John Carter of Mars. He was a brilliant artist, teacher, editor and all around person. His talent and his wisdom will be missed.”

Marc Silvestri: “This comic [The House of Mystery #292] hangs on a wall in my office and contains my first professional work. The cover is by Joe Kubert. The man’s talent was immense and his influence immeasurable. He was in a class all his own, my condolences to his family.”

Jason Aaron: “I thought Joe Kubert would outlive us all. The man worked harder on his slowest day than the rest of us do on our best. RIP Papa Joe.”