I was pretty damn impressed with this issue.

“Harbinger” #3 Review — Click to read the full article

“With the “Summer of Valiant” reaching its end, “Harbinger” hits its third issue as writer Joshua Dysart and artists Khari Evans and Lewis Larosa up the ante with character moments and foreshadowing galore.

As leading man Peter Stanchek fully dons his Harbinger gear for leader Toyo Harada, Dysart gives us a look inside Harada’s mind. He makes a great villain as his motives appear honorable — he only wishes to make the world a better place. The villainy leaks through when Harada uses destruction, mind control and a questionable moral code to justify his means. In that regard, he’s in the same category as a Magneto or Doctor Doom. In this new Valiant Universe, Harada is depicted about a decade younger than his original version in the ’90s and it works.”