Bummed this series is now over, but elated it’s now a completed work.

“Scalped” #60 Review — Click to read the full article

“If you’ve never read an issue of Jason Aaron and R.M. Guera’s “Scalped” or if you’re not caught up to #60, I’d advise you return to this review once you’ve completed your own personal “Scalped” experience. It’s worth the endeavor spoiler free.

Not much can be added to the “Scalped” praise that hasn’t already been said. Since it debuted in 2007, “Scalped” is one of the few comics capable of evoking real, visceral emotion from the reader, and because of this it’s always been the first read in my stack each week it came out. Now “Scalped” is over, and while that’s a bummer, we can all hang our emptied pistols on the fact the comics industry has another superb gateway comic for new readers now in the rearview mirror. It finally exists as a completed work.”