Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, has an exclusive preview of the covers to “Ghost Omnibus” vol. 4, “Rex Mundi” Omnibus vol. 2, “Number 13” #1 and the “Rotten Apple” one-shot.

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“Ghost” Omnibus vol. 4 TPB

Chris Warner (W), Mike Kennedy (W), Christian Zanier (P), Ryan Benjamin (P/I), Chris Brunner (P/I), Steve Moncuse (I), Chris Chalenor (C), Dan Jackson (C), Digital Broome (C), and Den Beauvais (Cover)

On sale Feb 27
FC, 280 pages
TP, 6” x 9”

After what seems like a lifetime trying to reconstruct the events that led to her death, Ghost finally nears the white-hot core of the truth. But like pieces of a broken window, the shards of the past can be dangerous and razor-sharp, and sometimes the truth goes deeper than anyone would want. And for the Spectral Avenger, a past revealed may mean a future destroyed.

• Ghost’s origin saga.”