Good but not great. I’m excited the character is back, though.

“Ghost” #0 — Click to read entire article

“Ghost, whose real name is Elisa Cameron, has been drawn by a myriad of artists since her inception in 1993 including Adam Hughes, Terry Dodson and Ivan Reis, but writer Eric Luke is known best for defining the character during his 37 issue run with her in the mid-90s. “Ghost” #0 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Noto is the latest incarnation of the character and the first in over a decade, reprinting the serials that appeared in “Dark Horse Presents” #13-15.

The story is simple enough: a two-man crew of ghost hunters rouse the spirit of ‘Ressurection Mary’ (Ghost) for their cable T.V. show. The show’s host Tommy Byers is after international fame, while the series’ leading man Vaughn Barnes only wishes to get his life back on track, not interested in taking the knowledge of ‘Mary’ public.”