At the Retro TV Action-Adventure-Thon this past weekend in Beverly Hills, CA, I attended a screening of the “Adventures of Superboy” series from 1988. I thought there’d be a Q&A session but there wasn’t. Fortunately, “Superboy” writer Stan Berkowitz was in attendance and we started talking. I asked if we could go on the record and he agreed — the result is this very candid interview about his run on the show.

Stan Berkowitz Looks Back On “The Adventures of Superboy” — Click to read full article

Looking back on it after all this time, are you happy with your work on the show?

Stan Berkowitz: No. I could have done better. When I see the finished episodes, I’d like one third, be indifferent to one third, and dislike one third. I could have done better. I wish I did.”