Last weekend at the Retro TV Action-Adventure-Thon in Beverly Hills, CA, I sat in on a Q&A with actor Michael Gray who played Billy Batson in the ’70s TV show, “Shazam!” The article below is the result.

Shazam! and Michael Gray (bottom)

 Michael Gray Reflects on “Shazam!” and the Life of a Seventies Teen Idol — Click to read entire article

“An excited crowd whooped and cheered for Billy Batson and Captain Marvel’s first appearances on screen during a special screening of an episode of Filmation’s mid-seventies live-action ‘Shazam!’ series. Presented as part of last weekend’s Retro-TV Action-Adventure-Thon hosted by the Paley Center for Media and the Warner Archive Collection, fans of the vintage DC Comics TV adaptation were treated to an episode of the series, coming to DVD in late October, before Billy himself, actor Michael Gray, took to the stage for a lively Q&A session. The actor spent the event amicably recounting stories and looking back fondly on his time as a Saturday morning teen idol.

Panel host Alonso Duralde opened the post-screening panel, quipping, ‘If you want to keep a secret identity, put your superhero logo on the front of your R.V. and no one will ever know!’ ‘Shazam!’ was Filmation’s first foray into live-action television, blending scenes with a green-screened Gray and the animated Elders. ‘When The Elders would call, they’d superimpose me later on,’ Gray said. ‘The voices of The Elders were actually the executive producers of the show. A little known fact — Adam West played an Elder and spoke the ”Shazam!’ will be right back’ line prior to a commercial break.'”