This issue was awesome — read it.

“Talon” #0 — Click to read entire article

“‘Talon’ #0 co-plotted by James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder, written by Tynion with art by Guillem March introduces new character Calvin Rose into the Batman mythos. Rose is the Court of Owls’ greatest living weapon and the most promising of its Talon assassins. He makes his first appearance in the debut issue of his ongoing series, penned by a relatively new writer to comics whose credits consist only of New 52 Bat-books.

While Tynion’s origin story isn’t the most original, it’s well-executed and the best I’ve read this month from DC. It has emotion, action and most importantly, character. What the original Azrael did for the Bat-verse in the 1990s and Hush in the early 2000s, Talon does in the modern day — he’s a completely original character thrust into the spotlight of an A-list character’s lore with the goal of generating fan interest.”