“Comics Were Read” is a shotgun blast collection of reviews for each week’s new comic releases pulled from my little blue bird feed. This batch contains reviews for new comics the week of September 26, 2012.

All-Star Western #0 (DC)
As someone unfamiliar with Hex, this is what I needed in a zero issue. I plan to read #13. (3.5/5) #JonahHex

American Vampire #31 (Vertigo)
A moving opening page worthy of personal reflection, and the reveal at the end — awesome! Read this series. Now. (4/5) #AmericanVampire

Batman: The Dark Knight #0 (DC)
This is for a true rookie to Batman and leaves little for everyone else. Cool art, though. (2/5) #Batman

Batman Incorporated #0 (DC)
Irving’s art is eye catching but this is a recap of vol. 1. Props for references to the Super Young Team. (3/5) #Batman

Debris #3 (Image)
A sci-fi take on colonialism and survivalism. If you’re reading “Saga” or “Prophet,” give this a spin. (4/5) #Debris

Flash #0 (DC)
Flash was never my speed but decided to run with this zero issue. I’ve read my fill for the foreseeable future. (2.5/5) #Flash

Happy! #1 (Image)
Perhaps it’s the Darick Robertson art, but this feels like Morrison doing his best Ennis impression and I like it. (3.5/5) #Happy

Higher Earth #5 (BOOM! Studios)
A must read title if you dig inter-dimensional travel & parallel universes. Requires your full attention when reading. (3/5) #HigherEarth

Justice League Dark #0 (DC)
Cool it sets up what’s coming next in the series, but this whole issue could have been done in one page. (2/5) #JusticeLeague

National Comics: Rose & Thorn #1 (DC)
Darker artwork and a “Vertigo” label would better serve this story. (2/5)

Rachel Rising #11 (Abstract Studios)
I can hear the war drums beating. Such a cool last page — Took me a minute to process it. (3.5/5) #RachelRising

Red Lanterns #0 (DC)
It’s tough for me to take a rage being seriously when its kids are wearing normal people clothes. (2/5) #RedLanterns

The Savage Hawkman #0 (DC)
People will rip on this series but this was a decent #0. I’ll give #13 a shot to see where it goes. (3/5) #Hawkman

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror #18 (Bongo)
The artists do a great job and the writers know the roles. A treat for fans of the show. (3.5/5) #Simpsons

Super Dinosaur #14 (Image)
A fun read. Wish it existed when I was 10, but glad it’s here for today’s kids. (3/5) #SuperDinosaur

Talon #0 (DC)
If you buy only one New 52 #0, this is it. Tynion’s style fits nicely in the Snyder-verse with Higgins & Lemire. (4.5/5) #Talon

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #14 (IDW)
Great character moments for Splinter, and what happens to Casey is long past due. Looking forward to Leo in the spotlight. (3/5) #TMNT

Wolverine and the X-Men #17 (Marvel)
Laugh out loud cameos and vignettes aplenty and the art style quickly grows on you. I’m down for more Doop. (4/5) #Wolverine #XMen

X-Men #36 (Marvel)
Wood writes sparring matches between Storm and Cyclops very well — I hope his arc has a lasting impact when finished. (4/5) #XMen

X-Men Legacy #274 (Marvel)
Not bad but I feel like this Rouge & Magneto story has been told 5 times in just as many years. (2.5/5) #XMen

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