On Monday I attended a press screening of The CW’s “Supernatural” Season 8 premiere. After the episode, Executive Producers Jeremy Carver & Robert Singer hosted a Q&A about the upcoming season.

“Supernatural” Takes Sam and Dean From Purgatory to the Gates of Hell — Click to read full article

“‘Supernatural’ returns tonight to The CW for its eighth season, picking up a year after the events of May’s finale, with the audience left to piece together through flashbacks what transpired during that time. In the premiere, demon-hunting brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, find themselves face to face after enduring starkly different years: Dean fought for his life in Purgatory while Sam, believing everyone he knew was dead, moved on with his.

Struggling to find common ground, the two are forced to endure each other while they help Kevin (Osric Chau), the high-school student turned prophet of God whose newfound knowledge sets high stakes for this season: He knows how to close the Gates of Hell.

Virtually every character experiences flashbacks in the episode, hinting at their actions during the year-long gap between the events of the Season 7 finale and tonight’s premiere – be it Dean’s bloody battle in Purgatory or Sam hitting a dog with his car. ‘I think flashbacks play heaviest in the first 13 episodes of Season 8,’ Carver said. ‘I say that with a small caveat because we’re working our way through the season’s second half now. There won’t be flashbacks in every episode but they’ll be there where appropriate.'”