This series fills a void for many horror fans with potential to disturb everyone else.

REVIEW: “Ferals” #9 — Click to read entire article

“David Lapham and artist Gabriel Andrade’s ‘Ferals’ #9 delves deeper into the unique brand of lycanthropic horror presented in the series and is an issue anyone can pick up to read. Amidst violence and sexually charged confrontations, secret origins of the Feral bloodline are revealed with a seemingly more complex political structure of the werewolf community.

Throughout this series Lapham has dropped information expanding the mythos of his werewolves, known as Ferals. Displaying traits more commonly associated with vampires, the Ferals are conniving and manipulative but even more primal and savage. Lapham has never shied away from violence or sex, particularly in his Avatar work. Whereas vampires make their killings a seductive dance, the Ferals grab their prey with a hunters instinct and act like the last surviving animal of their species, leaving a bloody mess in their wake.”