“Comics Were Read” is a shotgun blast collection of reviews for each week’s new comic releases pulled from my little blue bird feed. This batch contains reviews for new comics the week of October 3, 2012.

Animal Man #13 (DC)
Bummed that right when he teams up with Swamp Thing, they’re separated. Cool choice to incorporate others from the DCU. (3/5) #AnimalMan

Avengers Vs. X-Men #12 (Marvel)
A satisfying ending to a lackluster event. Hopefully no retcons are in the near future. (3/5) #AVX

AVX VS #6 (Marvel)
The fanboy in me is jazzed Iceman won his bout. Everything else in me is confused why this would poke fun at itself. (2.5/5) #AVX

Before Watchmen Rorschach #2 (DC)
The tight focus of this series so far is serving it well and it doesn’t try to be more than it is. (4/5) #Watchmen

The Boys #71 (Dynamite)
Ennis hits the climax and falling action dead on. I feel the urge to audible the f-word. (4/5) #Boys

Creepy #10 (Dark Horse)
Corben & Arcudi win. Corben’s art really freaks me out. (2/5) #Creepy

Daredevil: End of Days #1 (Marvel)
A great read from the POV of comics’ greatest superhero reporter, Ben Urich. Fitting art, too. (4/5) #Daredevil

Detective Comics #13 (DC)
Not a bad start for this team — Layman’s new villain, Ogilvy, is someone to watch. (3/5) #Batman

Fairest #8 (Vertigo)
A great jumping on point for new readers. This has the makings to be the best “Fables” spinoff story since “1001 Nights.” (4/5) #Fairest

Ferals #9 (Avatar)
Fills a void for many #horror fans with potential to disturb everyone else. (3/5) #Werewolves

Fashion Beast #2 (Avatar)
Freakin’ weird, man. Even weirder… I’m roped in. (3.5/5) #FashionBeast

Green Lantern #13 (DC)
Simon Baz is the most interesting character in “GL” since Larfleeze — far more intriguing than the Rainbow Corps. (3.5/5) #GreenLantern

Legends of the Dark Knight #1 (DC)
Pick your Batman, any Batman. A rare instance of an anthology book being entirely satisfying. (3.5/5) #Batman

The Lone Ranger #10 (Dynamite)
Picked this up on a whim and it’s surprisingly decent. Worth a go for western fans. (2.5/5) #LoneRanger

Minimum Carnage Alpha #1 (Marvel)
As a limited reader of all three major players, this is satisfactory. (3/5) #Carnage

Non-Humans #1 (Image)
The passion is there and the concept is cool, but supplemental info is needed. Have you visited http://nonhumans.com?..? (2/5) #NonHumans

Robyn Hood #1 (Zenescope)
Another read which turned out better than expected. A nice start, spinning the character in the modern day. (2.5/5) #RobynHood

Swamp Thing #13 (DC)
Paquette’s art’s a great fit and again Snyder murders more children. Really looking forward to Swampy cutting loose. (3.5/5) #SwampThing

Sweet Tooth #38 (Vertigo)
This series has been a nerve-racking journey from the start and the climax is no different. (4/5) #SweetTooth

Uncanny X-Force #32 (Marvel)
Remender continues to prove he’s done his research & Noto’s art is beautiful as expected but lacks brutality. (4/5) #XForce

Uncanny X-Men #19 (Marvel)
A long desired look inside the head of Cyclops, but it’s too brief. (2.5/5) #XMen

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