Holy super balls — DC Comics released their March 2013 release info and in the master list is the “Superman: The Death and Return of Superman” Omnibus HC. The huge book contains “Superman: The Man of Steel” #17-26, “Superman” #73-82, “Adventures of Superman” #496-505, “Action Comics” #683-691, “Justice League of America” #69, “Superman: The Legacy of Superman” #1 and “Green Lantern” #46, plus chapters of “World Without a Superman” and a bunch of bonus stuff. That’s more than 40 comics and the book is over 1000 pages, clocking in with a $99.99 price tag, the standard for collections like these.

I’m not a big Superman fan in the slightest, but this story defines comics from my childhood in the early 90s. Plus, while I may dislike Superman, I love reading about him getting his ass kicked. Now we can only hope for a “Batman: Knightfall” omnibus collection. I’m already drooling.