A double dose of “Comics Were Read” today since we missed last week. “CWR” is a shotgun blast collection of reviews for each week’s new comic book releases, pulled from my little blue bird feed. This batch contains reviews for new comics the weeks of October 24 & October 17, 2012.

A-Babies vs X-Babies #1 (Marvel)
Highly disappointing. I know it’s supposed to be fun, but aside from the cute art, no effort was evident. (1/5) #AVX

Amazing Spider-Man #696 (Marvel)
Damnit — Dan Slott has me reading Spidey again. Good stuff. (3.5/5) #SpiderMan

Astonishing X-Men #55 (Marvel)
This is not Marjorie Liu’s best work — loved her X-23 run but little of that has carried over here. Cool art. (2.5/5) #XMen

AVX: Consequences #3 (Marvel)
This has been a solid epilogue to “AvX” so far. (3.5/5) #AVX

AVX: Consequences #2 (Marvel)
Gillen is putting his best foot forward — this is a must read for all X-Men fans. It’s Cyclops’ swan song. (4.5/5) #XMen #AVX

Avengers #32 (Marvel)
Andy: Alright, here we go with a new retcon! For a minute there I thought I was reading Sam Humphries’ “Higher Earth.” (3.5/5) #Avengers

Bart Simpson Comics #76 (Bongo)
These issues are hit and miss, but this one’s a fun read for Simpsons fans — loved the Evan Dorkin short! (3/5) #Simpsons

Batman Incorporated #4 (DC)
The best issue of the new series. Morrison delivers a fresh surprise and gives everyone their own voice. (4/5) #Batman

Battle Beasts #4 (IDW)
As a fan of the 80s toys and anthropomorphs, this miniseries was a blast! Glad to see a sequel is possible. (2.5/5) #BattleBeasts

Bravest Warriors #1 (KaBOOM!)
That was friggin’ hilarious. (4/5) #BravestWarriors

Catwoman #13 (DC)
Nice looking art, but what the heck was going on here? And why was this labeled a “Death of the Family” tie-in? (1.5/5) #Catwoman

Cyber Force #1 (Top Cow)
A decent start and the price tag is awesome (FREE!), but did they really just off all those characters!? Cyblade! NOOO! (3/5) #CyberForce

Debris #4 (Image)
A cool enough miniseries, but it could have gone to 6 issues given Riley Rossmo’s artwork. Worth a go for sci-fi fans. (3/5) #Debris

Ex Sanguine #1 (Dark Horse)
A slow start but had an intriguing finish — on the fence with this one. Crime/horror fans should give it a look. (2/5) #ExSanguine

Fables #122 (Vertigo)
A cool side-story involving Bigby Wolf, but can we please move on from the Bufkin in Oz stuff? (3/5) #Fables

Ghost #1 (Dark Horse)
I really want to be into this series but it’s slow moving and lacking a hook. The creative team gives me faith, though. (2.5/5) #Ghost

Green Lantern: New Guardians #13 (DC)
It was cool to see Kyle Rayner “rage out,” but the rest is… yikes. (1.5/5) #GreenLantern

Godzilla: The Half-Century War #3 (IDW)
I don’t even like Godzilla but this series is blowing my mind. The artwork is phenomenal! (4.5/5) #Godzilla

Harbinger #5 (Valiant)
“X-Men” readers need to give this a shot. It’s an excellent alternative with strong characters and personality. (4/5) #Valiant #Harbinger

Hawkeye #3 (Marvel)
Move over “Daredevil” and “Amazing Spider-Man,” “Hawkeye” is Marvel’s new street level king. (4.5/5) #Hawkeye

Justice League Dark #13 (DC)
Mikel Janin is absolutely killing the art in this series! Solid writing from Lemire, too, going old school. (3.5/5) #JusticeLeague

Lord of the Jungle #8 (Dynamite)
The last place I want to read about Tarzan in a comic book is Baltimore. Put him in the freakin’ jungle! (0.5/5) #Tarzan

Marvel NOW! Point One #1 (Marvel)
“Young Avengers” & “Guardians” win. Ten bucks says the movie Nick Fury gets retconned into the 616 Universe. (3.5/5) #MarvelNow

Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity #1 (Image)
It’s punny and I really wanted to be into it — the artwork is so cool! — but I was lost the entire time. (2/5) #MultipleWarheads

National Comics: Madame X #1 (DC)
Despite the wordy script, the creative team of Williams & Hairsine delivered. I’d read more. (3.5/5) #NationalComics

Prophet #30 (Image)
This series is rich in story, artwork and wonder. A must read for sci-fi fans. (4.5/5) #Prophet

Punisher: War Zone #1 (Marvel)
Decent, but I hope this doesn’t turn out to be another “Shadowland.” EVERY hero has killed in the Marvel U. (3/5) #Punisher

Red Sonja #70 (Dynamite)
Oof, no good. The art was passable at times but this was a tough issue to get through. (1/5) #RedSonja

Secret Avengers #33 (Marvel)
Despite rough artwork, this was an entertaining issue. I especially enjoyed the Captain Britain burns. (3/5) #Avengers

Simpsons Comics #195 (Bongo)
Homer experiences a pseudo-trip through time, Moe proposes to Marge & Hans Moleman hangs out in a tree. (2.5/5) #Simpsons

Simpsons: Maggie #1 (Bongo)
Disappointing. Sergio Aragones is great but this issue was not. (1.5/5) #Simpsons

Star Wars: Agent of the Empire — Hard Targets #1 (Dark Horse)
Set before “A New Hope,” it’s Bond meets Star Wars and it’s pretty good. (3.5/5) #JamesBond #StarWars

Superman #13 (DC)
Checked in to see what all the hullabaloo’s about and was underwhelmed. “Superman” still isn’t for me. (2/5) #Superman

Sword of Sorcery Featuring Amethyst #1 (DC)
A fun read with a decent back-up. Lopresti’s art makes it for me. (3/5) #Amethyst

Talon #1 (DC)
Calvin Rose is the coolest new Bat-character since Cassandra Cain. (3.5/5) #Talon

Thun’da #3 (Dynamite)
Andy: The art’s not bad but the story is trying too hard. Thun’da’s simple minded — he’s jungle law. Flashbacks aren’t needed. (2/5) #Thunda

Ultimate Comics Iron Man #1 (Marvel)
I don’t read much Iron Man but this feels old hat and very boring. Why was the solicit “Classified?” (1/5) #IronMan

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16 (Marvel)
I’m struggling with the whole “lets make this guy an Avenger” thing after Parker had to be “trained.” (2/5) #Spiderman

Uncanny X-Men #20 (Marvel)
All I can think at the end of this is — please, no more Miss(ter) Sinister for awhile. Please. (2/5) #XMen

The Walking Dead #103 (Image)
Oh man — Kirkman has a pressure cooker going right now, and with every page turn I think it’s going to blow. (3.5/5) #WalkingDead

Wolverine MAX #1 (Marvel)
Props for starring an ugly, hairy Wolverine and not Hugh Jackman, but the swearing felt forced and out of place. (2.5/5) #Wolverine

X-O Manowar #6 (Valiant)
Hot damn this issue was loaded with action and iced with deceit! Ninjak + X-O = badass. (4.5/5) #Valiant

The Zaucer of Zilk #1 (2000 AD/IDW)
This is crazy & best described as the neon love child of film’s “The Groove Tube” & “Space Mutiny.” (2.5/5) #2000AD

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