It’s been way too long since the last Boon Monster post, so there may be a bunch in the next few days beginning with this one — photos of the 2012 Christmas Parade in Hollywood. The Mom and I took E earlier this week and it was the first time she’s ever seen balloon floats in person. She thought most of them were pretty cool, and below are my favorite three Monster reaction shots. More photos can be found on the Boon Monster tumblr.




Non-Monster related, here are three more shots (click to enlarge) of both the intersection we were at, Hollywood/Vine, and of a bunch of the LAPD dog piling some guy. I’m grateful they were there to do it, too — this dude ran from out of nowhere and was about to charge through our group. I don’t know what his intentions were, but he would have knocked a bunch of people to the ground, myself and E included, had the cops not gotten to him a moment before. The cop you can see in the Vine shot led the charge.