“Comics Were Read” is a shotgun blast collection of reviews for each week’s new comic releases pulled from my little blue bird feed. This batch contains reviews for new comics the week of December 12, 2012. Post your own reviews in the comments!

Bloodshot_6-665x1024Ame-Comi Girls Featuring Duela Dent #3 (DC)
This series has been enjoyable. I’m surprised, too. (2.5/5)

Archer & Armstrong #5 (Valiant)
This book’s dialogue is some of the best in comics right now. Everyone sounds like an individual. (4.5/5) #Valiant

Avengers Arena #1 (Marvel)
Somewhere @ChristosGage is screaming “NOOOOOOOO!” It’s OK though — I was, too. (4/5) #Avengers #MarvelNOW

Avengers Assemble #10 (Marvel)
DeConnick has found these characters’ voices, making for a fun read. (3/5) #Avengers #MarvelNOW

Batgirl #15 (DC)
Weak sauce. Especially following #13 & 14. (2/5)

Batman #15 (DC)
Bruce is truly shaken here and it’s great. Loved the Riddler back up story. (4/5) #Batman

Batman and Robin #15 (DC)
Successfully pulls off the creepy factor in both art and writing. A must-read “Death of the Family” tie-in. (4.5/5) #Batman

Battlefields: The Green Fields Beyond #2 (Dynamite)
Unless you’re English or a war buff, skip it. I had no clue what the fuck anyone said. (1.5/5) #Battlefields

Bloodshot #6 (Valiant)
Some spectacular finishing moves in this issue, and a last page that’ll have you reading Harbinger. (4.5/5) #Valiant #Bloodshot

cloneCable and X-Force #1 (Marvel)
I dig the cast but are we really going back to THAT again? Wish all that ended with the needle in Colossus’ arm. (3/5) #Cable #MarvelNOW

Caligula: Heart of Rome #1 (Avatar)
Not for the feint of heart — this book will skull fuck you. (3.5/5) #Caligula

Change #1 (Image)
I… didn’t get it. Cool sci-fi art, though. At times. (1.5/5) #Change #scifi

Clone #2 (Image)
Woah — where the heck did this series come from? Strong art, a killer twist and an original spin on the theme. READ THIS! (5/5) #Clone

Criminal Macabre/30 Days of Night: Final Night #1 (Dark Horse)
My first foray into either franchise — I didn’t expect it to be this good. (4/5) #CriminalMacabre #vampires

Conan the Barbarian #11 (Dark Horse)
Really into this book — vulnerable Conan is a much more layered Conan. (3.5/5) #Conan

Dark Avengers #184 (Marvel)
I want this team back in the 616. (2.5/5) #Avengers #MarvelNOW

TMNT017Fantastic Four #2 (Marvel)
As a family man, I can get behind this series. Can’t wait to witness the looming disaster! (3/5) #FantasticFour #MarvelNOW

Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #15 (DC)
Alberto Ponticelli saved his best work for last. More people need to give Frank a chance! (4/5) #Frankenstein

The Hollows #1 (IDW)
Didn’t know what to expect and walked away interested. Cool stuff — very different. (3.5/5) #Hollows

Mega Man #20 (Archie)
A cool end of the year issue setting up what’s coming next. As Mega Man comics go, this is a fun read! (2.5/5)

Suicide Squad #15 (DC)
The worst “Death of the Family” tie-in. I get the feeling someone, somewhere “liked” this issue a little too much. (1/5)

Superboy #15 (DC)
This whole thing could have been 5 pages. (1/5) #Superboy

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #17 (IDW)
Super pumped for sci-fi Turtles & more Ben Bates art. Also, Neutrino men are a race of dudes with Elvis hair. (3.5/5) #TMNT

To Hell You Ride #1 (Dark Horse)
Surprisingly well done. Fans of westerns, horror & the American West should give it a go. (4/5) #Hell

Ultimate Comics X-Men #20 (Marvel)
The best issue of Wood’s run so far. I wish it was his own thing and not an X-book, though. (3/5) #XMen

The Walking Dead #105 (Image)
Holy fucking shit. Intense. (5/5) #WalkingDead

Wolverine #317 (Marvel)
I like the cosmic implications for things to come in Marvel NOW! (3/5) #Wolverine

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