A few weeks ago I signed onto twitter (@yourfriendandy) and saw a post by @Atlanta_Falcons — whoever could tweet @ them the name of the team the Falcons had their first franchise victory against would win a “Rise Up” t-shirt. I was something like the 7th person to reply, but only the second with the correct answer (the New York Giants). So I didn’t win. But after seeing a photo I tweeted, showing my support of the Falcons here in Los Angeles, the intern rocking the @Atlanta_Falcons account hit me up with a direct message asking for my mailing address to send me my own #RiseUp t-shirt! They delivered:


Aww yeah! Thanks @Atlanta_Falcons! This was super cool of you, and so was the handwritten note. Whomever personalized it to me has the most beautiful handwriting I’ve ever seen.



@Atlanta_Falcons even followed me on twitter for a hot minute, but unfollowed me the next day. I’m cool with it — I had baller status for a moment in time with one of my favorite NFL teams (tied with the Buffalo Bills, of course).

#RiseUp mofos — and GO FALCONS!