Actors Matthew Mercer and Clare Grant spoke with me about voicing Tony Stark & Black Widow in Marvel Animation’s “Iron Man: Rise of Technovore” anime.


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“With the anticipated arrival of ‘Iron Man 3’ in theaters May 3, Marvel is thrusting Tony Stark in the spotlight early with the animated feature ‘Iron Man: Rise of Technovore.’ Releasing April 16 on DVD & Blu-ray, ‘Technovore’ is an English dub of the anime directed by Hiroshi Hamazaki, presenting an edgier take on the Marvel Uninverse than other Marvel Animation projects like the ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ cartoon.

The English dub voice actors are headlined by ‘The Walking Dead’ star Norman Reedus, who plays The Punisher in ‘Technovore.’ Matthew Mercer plays Tony Stark, fresh off of voicing Tygra in Cartoon Network’s ‘ThunderCats’ and Leon Kennedy in the video game ‘Resident Evil 6,’ while Clare Grant of Team Unicorn gives life to Black Widow.

CBR News: Who or what, exactly, is the Technovore?

Matthew Mercer: It’s from a storyline in “Iron Man” #294 from the ’90s. The Technovore’s a character from Tony’s past who went through a transformation experimenting with bio tech armor that wrote itself into this individuals DNA. It’s a living suit of armor that makes it extremely dangerous and completely unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. Things get weirder considering this individual has a strange, almost psychotic philosophy he adheres to.

The scope gets very big — there are parts that remind me of “Akira” and other thought-inducing anime from the early 90s.

Clare Grant: I love the animation for this movie. It’s beautiful. It’s broody.

In playing to that, I tried to keep Black Widow grounded, solid and tough. I didn’t let her get in my girly voice — I kept her in my ‘I will kill you voice.’ [laughs]”