Interviewed “G.I. Joe” writer Chuck Dixon about adapting Joe Abercrombie’s “The First Law” trilogy of prose novels into comics with Blind Ferret Entertainment — Abercrombie even stepped in to field a question himself!


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“Blind Ferret Entertainment is best known for their web publication ‘Gutters’ which takes unhindered, satirical and often humorous jabs at the comic book industry, but now they’re blazing new ground via their first licensed deal, adapting author Joe Abercrombie’s ‘The First Law’ trilogy of fantasy/adventure novels into comics.

CBR News: How closely have you worked with Abercrombie on “The Blade Itself?” What’s that relationship like?

Chuck Dixon: We work through an editor. I find adaptation work to be like doing surgery. If I were a surgeon I wouldn’t want to operate on anyone I knew personally. There would be second guessing and tears. So, I do what I do and Joe corrects me where I go wrong.

Joe, “First Law” is referred to as an amalgam of adventure, magic and mystery themes — what, if anything, have you pulled from pre-existing lore of these genres to make “First Law” its own?

Joe Abercrombie: I always wanted to write something fast paced and exciting, but where the action had some real punch — where the violence was visceral and explosive, leaving people with consequences to deal with, both physical and emotional.