I interviewed writer Mark Roslan about his creator-owned series “BubbleGun,” #1 debuts this Wedesday as part of Aspen Comics’ 10 For $10 Initiative.


“Mark Roslan Chews the ‘BubbleGun’ at Aspen” — Click to read full article!

“Available June 12, ‘BubbleGun’ follows sisters Molli and Devyn in a tech-funk society in a not-so gloomy future ruled by corrupt corporations. CBR News spoke with Roslan about ‘BubbleGun,’ the tech involved in his story and how it’s unique from other cyberpunk genre comics. Plus, exclusive art!

CBR News: What sets ‘BubbleGun’ apart from other cyberpunk comic books?

Mark Roslan: Most cyberpunk stories are dark and bleak with a strong sense of misery following a lowlife loner, but ‘BubbleGun’ is more of a bright and artificially happy world following a team of optimistic youths. I don’t think the future is dark and scary — I think it’s like Times Square on neon crack. Instead of dark leather trench coats, we have orange see-through plastic cardigans. Of course there are evil corporations behind this happy facade that want to control us all. Society in ‘BubbleGun’ is mostly unaware of how much these mega corporations are in control of the world, and how the government is weak compared to their influence. ‘BubbleGun’ follows a team that supports each other, making money off exploiting feuding conglomerates and enjoying every minute of it. It’s lighter on the philosophical statements and more on the wonder that the future can bring.

Is the BubbleGun an actual object in the story or is it just a fun title?

It’s both and more! I wanted a conflicting title; two words that balanced the fun nature of the book but also the dangerous life the characters live. I gave the youngest character on the team, Molli, a non-lethal weapon. It was originally a high-powered stun gun but I thought it would be a lot more fun if it was as if Spider-Man’s web shooters were handguns, so I changed the taser to a paintball gun that shot a basketball-sized bullet of adhesive goop. It’s way more embarrassing finding yourself shot to the wall in pink gum and that suits Molli’s personality.”