Lives in Los Angeles, used to live elsewhere. I am the Deadliest Warrior. I make no apologies for these musings, but if I offend that isn’t [always] my intention.

Words to live by: Smile. Breathe. Go with the flow. Don’t miss your high-fives.

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If you do this kind of thing: @yourfriendandy

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Andy ATOM Taylor Says:

    She is a good woman to be sure! Great blog!

  2. yourfriendandy Says:

    Thanks man!

  3. Mommy Says:

    Happy Birthday Honey!

    Nice article with Marc. It was nice to see your picture. Like your long hair. Any time to write on other topics along with comics? ttys

  4. yourfriendandy Says:

    MoOooOOOooOm! You’re embarrassing me!

    I’m a grown man now so you can’t be calling me things like ‘Honey’ for all of internet land to see! Once football and hockey picks back up again, I’ll be covering the Bills, Sabres, and Falcons (and maybe the Wild too). Until then though, comics and poetry is probably all you’ll be getting out of me for the time being.

    Oh! Also, do you mind mailing me my brown stuffed elephant and dinosaur toys? I always slept better when I cuddled the elephant, and I want to set up the dinosaurs in cool poses throughout my living room.

    Thanks ma!

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