Boon Monster

French/Freedom fries beware — my daughter is coming to CRUSH YOU!!


…I’m the best Dad in the sea! My fiance texted me this photo today while I was at work — apparently the Boon Monster was carrying around this picture all day of me reading comics in Hawaii. I must be doing something right!


And the other night I added some new photos to the Boon Monster tumblr. My favorites are below — a retro shot of the first photo ever taken of the Boon Monster seconds after she was born over 2 years ago, and a shot from this past weekend when we had a family lunch at Tender Greens restaurant in Pasadena. The Mom and I look really tired, and I think there may be lettuce in my teeth, but that’s OK because the Boon looks so cute!



The Boon Monster’s ready for the Los Angeles Kings to take on the San Jose Sharks in Game 7 of the NHL’s Western Conference Semifinals tonight at Staples Center!


Tonight the Boon Monster dines on Shark stew! GO KINGS GO!!

The Boon Monster’s ready for the LA Kings to close out the St. Louis Blues tonight in round one of the NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs!


Look at her proudly wearing The Dad’s hat! GO KINGS GO!!!

Day 4 of our Hawaii vacation was full of memories for my fiancée Pam. She was born on Maui in a town called Wailuku and we spent the day visiting locations she lived with her mom, her middle school, high school and a bunch of other places. This was the first real look at her past I’ve ever had and seeing these landmarks of her life turned into an unexpected spiritual experience for me. Gorgeous views along the way only bolstered this feeling. Of course we spent time with the Boon Monster too, and the day was capped with a beautiful rainbow viewed from our room window.

Day 3 of our Hawaii vacation in Maui was all about the Banyan Tree and walking the town of Lahaina! Here are some scenic shots sprinkled with plenty of looks at the baby and family.

Day 2 of our vacation to Maui was all about adjusting to the time change and letting the baby have some fun. Here are some scenic shots, but mostly photos of the Boon Monster having a blast!

My Hawaii vacation commenced today at 4am when my fiancee, the Boon Monster and I took to the Metro Red Line in Hollywood for a rendezvous with the FlyAway Bus at Union Station.


On the plane, the Boon Monster discovered the wonders of headphones for the first time and became DJ Monster. She’s all like, “This is my B, The Mom.” This was something like her 5th time flying and easily the best she’s ever behaved. In a 12 hour span, all said and done, she only threw two minor hissy fits. Easily a highlight of the day.


Our rental car. Note the missing headlight. Not pictured: the sandalicious interior, not-working seatbelt and damaged dashboard. First World problems to be sure, but it may be worth it for my parents to reconsider where they decide to cut corners.


These little guys are everywhere! The Common Myna is like the pidgeon of Hawaii — only not repulsive and disease ridden. Or frequently seen missing a leg.


With food shopping done and the fridge stocked with the local flavor of Kona Brewing Company & Hawaii Nui Brewing, this vacation has officially begun!


On a total tangent, I finished “Dune: The Butlerian Jihad” last night, my second experiencing of the novel. Reading 30+ comics a week has absolutely destroyed my attention span for prose, so banging this baby out in under a month wasn’t easy — it’s my first cover-to-cover prose read in over 3 years. I told myself I’d read every single “Dune” book in 2013, and had to bang this one out last night so as to bring along “Dune: The Machine Crusade” to Hawaii.


My daughter, the Boon Monster, turns 2 today! Happy birthday Boon Monster! Wow, that time went by fast…

Here’s a photo of her eating her birthday [carrot] cake:


And here’s a photo from a few weeks ago. It’s her first face of independence:


New photos were added to the Boon Monster tumblr today! My two favorites are below: the Monster making an adorable face and body wiggle and the Monster usurping The Mom’s slumber party!



New photos were added to the Boon Monster tumblr today! My three favorites are below: the Monster reaching out to Dada, holding her bottle for the first time (that I’ve seen her) on the Metro Gold Line and her “cool face” when she was done.




Added new photos to the Boon Monster tumblr today! My three favorites are below: the Monster playing with nunchucks (her mom and I were going to be Ninja Turtles for Halloween, and we bought her a rat costume but it was too big — next year!), a sleeping Monster and twilight in Silver Lake. Yes, I know my camera phone needs an upgrade.




It’s been way too long since the last Boon Monster post, so there may be a bunch in the next few days beginning with this one — photos of the 2012 Christmas Parade in Hollywood. The Mom and I took E earlier this week and it was the first time she’s ever seen balloon floats in person. She thought most of them were pretty cool, and below are my favorite three Monster reaction shots. More photos can be found on the Boon Monster tumblr.




Non-Monster related, here are three more shots (click to enlarge) of both the intersection we were at, Hollywood/Vine, and of a bunch of the LAPD dog piling some guy. I’m grateful they were there to do it, too — this dude ran from out of nowhere and was about to charge through our group. I don’t know what his intentions were, but he would have knocked a bunch of people to the ground, myself and E included, had the cops not gotten to him a moment before. The cop you can see in the Vine shot led the charge.


You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!


Please, for the love of your deity — do not let “Sailor Moon” slip into the Negaverse and out of existence.

This may sound strange coming from a 28 year old man, but believe me — I need “Sailor Moon” to never go away. Without it, my daughter would go absolutely bananas.

“Sailor Moon” is the only show her mother and I can put on the TV and it instantly settles her down. She becomes transfixed by the bright, flashing colors and the catchy theme songs. Plus, my daughter’s first love is clearly that “mega hunk,” Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon’s words, not mine). Her face lights up and she babbles excited love gibberish whenever he comes on screen. I’ll admit, the dude’s a total badass who has his own moral code and is full of snark — he’s always saving the Sailor Scouts and lovingly teasing Serena, a.k.a. Sailor Moon. He’s also a snazzy dresser. Tuxedo Mask’s the kind of guy a father can get behind.


“Sailor Moon” may not be my favorite thing, but it’s certainly my daughter’s. She’s almost 2 years old and can’t yet speak for herself, so as her Dad, I’m coming to the defense of her favorite thing in the world.

Don’t let everything “Sailor Moon” vanish without a trace — the result will be this little girl becoming heartbroken, and her eventual transformation into the next Queen Beryl.

That’d be super mean.

Added new Halloween photos to the Boon Monster tumblr today — the lady and I took her to the park in Old Town Pasadena where she had a blast running around in her Tigger costume! Three of my favorites are below, especially the middle one with her little flailing arms (click photos to enlarge):

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