As a fan of Big Sky Brewing Company’s Moose Drool Brown Ale, I gave their Summer Honey Seasonal Ale a shot tonight. It’s the perfect cap on this re-energizing day!


Big Sky’s label art’s pleasing to the eye, too — I love forest creatures! Even ones that would eat or maul me to death if I got too close.

I’ve never been to Montana, but would love to get there one day for some mind-cleansing. Lived close by once in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a few months back in 2007. My reasons for being there? I played Romeo in a traditional interpretation (with some wicked fight scenes!) of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” It was a lot of fun and Wyoming is absolutely gorgeous, but the 5-1 male to female ratio is no good.

The retro gamer nerd in me is totally thrilled June’s finally arrived! This Wednesday, Valiant rolls out the first of their 8 Bit variants with “Archer & Armstrong” #10 and “Shadowman” #7, homaging “Donkey Kong” and “Final Fantasy.”

The best part? Later this month my birthday heralds the release of my favorite Valiant series “Harbinger,” saluting a game I played all the time with my cousin Dan — “Double Dragon!”

Check out all the Valiant 8 Bit variants, also including a “X-O Manowar” homage to “Metroid” and “Bloodshot” to “Contra:”

And just for fun, a rare look at my NES shelf. Props if you can actually identify any of the items. I know the photo’s blurry, my camera phone needs an upgrade! You can’t see what’s on the top shelf — we’ll save that reveal for another day. To the right are other retro systems, none older than the first generation XBox. Keepin’ it old school in this household, yo.


I’m in the hunt for the classic NES Valiant comics from the 1990s, but they’re a bit too pricey for my blood at the moment. One day!

Valiant recently released the “Harbinger Wars: Battle for Las Vegas” 8-bit game for iOS and Android devices, where you can play as either Bloodshot or Peter Stanchek. It seriously makes me want to upgrade my phone solely to serve as a console for the game.

This beauty arrived in my store late last night — a well-loved copy of “Batman” #121 from 1959, boasting the First Appearance of villain Mr. Freeze! Back then he went by “Mr. Zero” and carried around what looks to be an ice-blasting tea kettle.


I’m going to be honest — I almost chucked this thinking it was too beat up to sell, but I always look stuff up in the “Overstreet Price Guide” first, when BAM! I realized what this issue truly is. So crazy! Even in this shape it closes in on $100.

What’s your most prized “Batman” comic? Off the top of my head, I’d say 1992’s “Detective Comics” #647 for me, the First Appearance of Stephanie Brown, the Spoiler. It’s not very valuable, but it holds a special place in my heart since Steph’s one of my favorite characters. Now that I think about it, probably the most valuable “Batman” comic I own is the First Appearance of Harley Quinn in print form, 1993’s “Batman Adventures” #12 — and it was bought off the newsstand at cover price! In fact, I have two copies since at that time (I was 9) my mom would buy me a copy to read, then secretly buy one to save which she later gave to me in life. So cool. My mom’s awesome.

Day 4 of our Hawaii vacation was full of memories for my fiancée Pam. She was born on Maui in a town called Wailuku and we spent the day visiting locations she lived with her mom, her middle school, high school and a bunch of other places. This was the first real look at her past I’ve ever had and seeing these landmarks of her life turned into an unexpected spiritual experience for me. Gorgeous views along the way only bolstered this feeling. Of course we spent time with the Boon Monster too, and the day was capped with a beautiful rainbow viewed from our room window.

2013 is here and I wanted to show off my favorite three Christmas gifts from my mom and dad — I think they’ve come to accept I’m a grown man-child.




1) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Complete Series DVD Box Set — Man, I really, really wanted this but didn’t have the dough to put down on it. At San Diego Comic-Con this year, I went to the SHOUT! Factory booth to purchase the Con exclusive set, but they were sold out by Sunday afternoon. Suck! Thankfully, mom and dad delivered and I felt like an 8 year old at 28.Yes, many of the episodes are horrendous, but it’s a time capsule thing for me, and the fight scenes aren’t that bad. Plus, the little one gives it her attention.

2) Turtles Forever DVD — I hadn’t seen the entire thing online, waiting for a DVD release. This is a must-see for every kind of TMNT fan. So well done.

3) Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation Season 1 DVD — Don’t judge me, but yes I asked for this. I’ve heard it’s one of the worst shows in all of geek culture, let alone the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I had to find out for myself. It does look terrible, though.

This is all stuff I really, really wanted but couldn’t shell out the cash for. I lucked out and received other cool stuff, like new shoes and clothes, but these were the fun presents! Thanks mom and dad, and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Every month when new solicits are announced for comics, something always makes me go, “Woah! I WANT THAT!” Marvel’s “Wolverine: The Adamantium Collection” is one of those items. A killer line up of writers and artists on 35 of the most memorable Wolverine issues of all-time makes for a desirable oversized slipcase HC.

But holy fucking shit, Marvel Disney — TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!? Seriously! Has the cover price of a graphic novel ever been that high in the history of mankind? Not even sexy IDW Artist’s Editions are that suggested retail price. What the hell.


This is not the actual cover of the “Adamantium Collection.” It hasn’t been revealed yet, although this issue is in it. It should also be in your collection.


  • Cover by BILLY TAN
  • Slipcase by GABRIELE DELL’OTTO

It’s the best and brightest moments from Wolverine’s long and storied history — presented together in a gorgeous, oversized slipcased hardcover and packed with dozens of extras, just in time for Logan’s triumphant return to the big screen! Witness the transformation of sickly James Howlett into the battle-hardened Logan, and then into the metal-clawed super hero called Wolverine! Experience Logan’s struggles to learn the ways of honor, control his bestial nature, and deal with a litany of friends and foes from his checkered past! Thrill to his near-fatal encounter with Magneto! And be there as Wolverine takes on the responsibility of mentoring the next generation — and opens a school! Collecting ORIGIN #1-6; material from MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS (1988) #72-84; UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #162, #205 and #268; WOLVERINE (1982) #1-4; WOLVERINE (1988) #75 and #119-122; WOLVERINE (2003) #32; and WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN #1-3.

  • 720 PGS./Parental Advisory …$200
  • ISBN: 978-0-7851-6789-1
  • Trim size: Oversized slipcase edition (11-1/2 x 15-1/2)

And the real kick in the pants is not the price, but it should be 36 issues — “Incredible Hulk” #181 isn’t included. In the “Adamantium Collection.”

Godamnit. I’m still going to buy it at some point.

Yesterday I attended Long Beach Comic Con 2012 in Long Beach, CA and had a surprisingly enjoyable time. I went two years ago on Halloween day and to call it dead would be an understatement, and I only went this year to cover a panel for CBR. Honestly, the expectation going in was to leave within an hour after the panel wrapped, but I ended up staying until around 5pm. It was a lot of fun! The convention floor was full of people and the vendors section was much more complete from two years ago.

I didn’t plan to buy anything, but ended up haggling with a number of vendors and walked home with a bunch of cool stuff, mostly for my little lady. I spent more than I should have, but it’s justified by my bargaining saving $40 off the purchased items’ asking prices. Check out the big photo below of everything purchased and the gallery with individual item shots (click photos to enlarge).

1) Sailor Moon Wall Scroll — This thing is huge and totally awesome for the room of an almost 2 year old Sailor Moon fan.

2) Sailor Moon Hair Bows — Because why not?

3) Vampirella Print by Ken Meyer Jr. — Ken newly moved to L.A. and has written for my site since its inception in 2009, and only at this show did we finally get the chance to meet in person. Had to support him and my wife loves Vampirella — he even personalized it to her!

4) Goldar & X-Factor Iceman Action Figures — These were both for me. A Goldar action figure from the original Power Rangers for $10 in the box? Yes! An Iceman figure I didn’t yet own talked down to $10 from $15? Yes!

5) Trini Doll & Baboo Action Figure — OK, so these are “kind of” for me, but I bought them for my daughter who’s still too small to actually play with them yet. That’s OK — we’ll hold onto both for her over the next couple years. I only picked up the Baboo because it was cheap ($7 still in the box!) and Trini needed someone to beat up.

6) The Lion King Board Game — The lady and I are on a board game kick and this one seemed like a worthy addition with a cheap price tag. It’s near complete, only missing 3 irrelevant pieces, and my daughter can play it with us in just a few years, too.

7) “Tigger the Movie” & “Muppets From Space” VHS — Yes, my household is only one of four in America that still has a VHS player. My lady and I love finding old VHS tapes for $1 and these two are solid additions for the kiddo’s growing library.

8) 22 Kids Books — Oh man. I didn’t actually buy these at the Con, but at a $1 used book store across the street from the Convention Center. That’s right — each of these books were only $1! My daughter loves the Little Golden Books, and so do I considering they’re quick reads. I actually put back half of the stack I picked out because it was too heavy to carry. “Tarzan” was for me, but all the rest belong to my little Monster! Check out the old school “Dinosaurs” book. So awesome!

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