I must say it is refreshing to see the Falcons make some cuts about a week ago. The following players were released: Alge Crumpler, Rod Coleman, Wayne Gandy, Byron Leftwich, Marcus Wilkins, Jamin Elliott and Lewis Sanders. This is an injury prone, past their prime group who’s days of helping this franchise are in the past. And I’m glad to see that no player is safe. As I stated in my previous blog ‘The Blame Game is Full of Mularkey!’, the Falcons need to clean house. The more negative emotion Mike Smith and Arthur Blank can remove from that locker room, the better. I’m sure that many people are a little annoyed to see Coleman and Gandy go, and frustrated to see Crumpler go. If this were a year or two ago, I’d agree with those people. However, these three’s days of glory with this franchise are in the past. Especially Alge Crumpler’s. His total catches dropped dramatically this season, as well as his TD’s, and total yards.

Sorry Alge, but when your biggest game comes at the end of a 4-12 season, you’re past your prime. Also, calling out your new head coach early in the season is a punk move. You were a leader on that team and you turned into a fifteen year old throwing a temper tantrum. Instead of trying to cool the inferno of the offseason, you fanned the flames. Fanned them with a gigantic fan. A fan so big, it would appear in Fan Man’s level of a Megaman game! . . . But I digress.

He also missed about a third of practices this season. He usually didn’t practice until Thursday or Friday due to his injuries, thus missing many drills and not helping any chemistry develop between himself and his new QB’s. I hate to say it because they were electrifying together, but #7 and #83 are a thing of the past. While we can appreciate what Alge and Mike have done for this team on the field as undeniably awesome, it’s time to move on. Clean house. Start anew. Everything is impermanent and due to sick twists of fate, this combination is done.

And I’m o.k. with that. What I’m not o.k. with is that Smith didn’t try to wheel and deal. He could have tried to get something for Crumpler by making a trade (a draft pick would have been nice) instead of just handing him over to the free market. But I can get over that. I’m just glad to see this organization making changes . . . except for the change of making Mike Mularkey offensive coordinator . . . Anyway . . .

. . . Who’s next?

*rubs hands evilly*