A few weeks ago I signed onto twitter (@yourfriendandy) and saw a post by @Atlanta_Falcons — whoever could tweet @ them the name of the team the Falcons had their first franchise victory against would win a “Rise Up” t-shirt. I was something like the 7th person to reply, but only the second with the correct answer (the New York Giants). So I didn’t win. But after seeing a photo I tweeted, showing my support of the Falcons here in Los Angeles, the intern rocking the @Atlanta_Falcons account hit me up with a direct message asking for my mailing address to send me my own #RiseUp t-shirt! They delivered:


Aww yeah! Thanks @Atlanta_Falcons! This was super cool of you, and so was the handwritten note. Whomever personalized it to me has the most beautiful handwriting I’ve ever seen.



@Atlanta_Falcons even followed me on twitter for a hot minute, but unfollowed me the next day. I’m cool with it — I had baller status for a moment in time with one of my favorite NFL teams (tied with the Buffalo Bills, of course).

#RiseUp mofos — and GO FALCONS!


It’s still only the 1st Quarter but the Atlanta Falcons are currently leading the Denver Broncos 10-0. The points have all come off Peyton Manning interceptions — 3 of them. There’s plenty of time yet to play and history dictates to never count out Manning… either Manning, but the way the Falcons defense is jumping around and the running game moving without Matt Ryan doing anything; the Falcons should make this a game. I’m sticking to a prediction stated earlier on twitter — 34-31 Atlanta.

The NFL season is about to begin (unless you’re a Dallas Cowboys or New York Giants fan), and I have elevated expectations for my two teams yet there’s an unshakeable nagging worry with both of them.

First off, some logic. There are 32 NFL teams. Chances are yours won’t win the big dance which means you’re likely going to experience the feeling of defeat early on or a heartbreaking loss shortly thereafter. Don’t get too mad over sports my friends. The athletes don’t know you nor give a crap about you or your life, so don’t ruin your belongings or relationships or reputation over something so trivial.

On that note, if the Buffalo Bills and Atlanta Falcons both lose today I’m sobbing into my brown cat, Noah because he’s the fat one. The Bills should destroy the Jets and the Falcons should take care of the Chiefs.

Beyond today, both the Bills and Falcons will improve on what they accomplished last season, but there are still relevant worries. For the Bills the most prominent is history. Every season the franchise pulls a Star Wars voodoo move, successfully instilling a sense of false hope in its fan base in lieu of complete befuddlement seasons prior — and the first half of the season is usually entertaining with the team hot out of the gate. Then they implode in the most mind numbing, hair pulling, mouth agape ways while all your buddies pat your back with a look of “aww, sorry man” in their Steelers and Patriots faces. The Buffalo Bills are the kid who has all the heart but, well, sorry kid — you can’t cut it with the big boys.

As for the Falcons, this is Matt Ryan’s year. I mean that in the sense if he doesn’t go deep into the post season the Falcons should begin to consider other options as insurance. Matt Ryan is awesome. He’s the best QB the Atlanta Falcons franchise has had in its 46 year history. He has not won a playoff game in his NFL career. This is his fifth season so it needs to happen now with all the pieces on the table — they need to be utilized effectively. I have faith and think the Falcons have a solid chance at making the NFC Championship game in 2012. Unfortunately, home field advantage has been anything but for them in the post season and the road to the Super Bowl will likely lie in the strongest of hostile territory. The last two years the Falcons were totally obliterated by the eventual Super Bowl Champions, Green Bay Packers and New York Giants.

Anyway, it’s going to be a great season to watch for all teams involved. For the first time it truly feels like every franchise has a story line going on worth talking about.

Go Bills! Go Falcons!

*To all the Europeans who clicked this link expecting something else — I apologize.

**Photos from Boston.com & ESPN.com


Tomorrow the Arizona Cardinals take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII. This is the first Super Bowl appearance in franchise history for the Cardinals, and the seventh for the Steelers (5-1). Cardinals QB Kurt Warner won Super Bowl XXXIV in dramatic fashion in 2001 and was the game’s MVP. Across the sidelines, Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger won Super Bowl XL in 2006, his rookie season. 


The Steelers have to contain Warner, Boldin, Breaston, and Fitzgerald. It’s easier said than done; taking Boldin, Fitzgerald, and Breaston all out of the game is impossible, so they need to be contained. The Steelers D must neutralize either Fitzgerald or Boldin and put heavy pressure Warner. Hit him. He’s old. If the Cards passing attack fails, the Cards fail. Hopefully off field troubles with Anquan Boldin don’t affect the team… like Eugene Robinson’s off field antics hurt the Atlanta Falcons in their first Super Bowl appearance 10 years ago. duhlesburger

The Steelers will play their typical defensive game, but their offense needs to score points. In his last Super Bowl appearance he was the MVP, and injured or not, Hines Ward needs to be a factor. If he isn’t, the Steelers air attack is severely limited and would most likely negate some hard running by glass man, Willie Parker. Additionally it will be up to Parker and the running game to keep the Steelers in it. The ground game needs to help keep the Pittsburgh defense and the Arizona offense off of the field. The Steelers D needs to show up tomorrow. If they are snoozin’, the Steelers are losin’.

27-24 Arizona

I think tomorrow is the day the Cards leave my Bills and Falcons behind in the Championship-less Club.

After yesterday’s thrilling 22-20 home win against the 3-3 Chicago Bears, the Atlanta Falcons (4-2) find themselves in a three way tie for the first seed in the NFC South. 

Best Performance in a Losing Effort: The Bears run defense. They looked amazing, holding the the best running back in the NFL, Michael Turner, to a mere 54 yards on the ground. By the end of the day, the Bears defensive unit had allowed a total of only 75 yards rushing. That’s impressive considering how Atlanta prides themselves on being a rushing team.

Most Affectionate Award: When Matt Ryan leapt into the arms of head coach Mike Smith after the victory, straddling him with all his might… yep.

Biggest Head Scratcher: Why Falcons offensive coordinator, Mike Mularkey, called a bunched slant route to WR Roddy White twice in a row. The first time the call worked but there was a penalty that negated the play, which was unfortunate as White had nothing but daylight in front of him. Still, I disagree with the call to run the exact same play again, especially after showing the defense where the ball was most likely going to go. Come on Mike, enough with the silly mularkey.

Most Drunk Award: All the Chicago Bears fans who made it out to the Georgia Dome. On TV it sounded like the 12th man were all from Chicago as the Falcons faced a lot of noise on 3rd down in their home dome. Plus, when Chicago scored the cheers echoed throughout the space. Nice showing Bears fans, and enjoy the flight back home!

Pat on the Back Award: This one goes to Falcons WR Brian Finneran. At one time he was one of Atlanta’s top receivers, but injuries over the past two seasons have kept him out of the lineup. So far this year Finneran has essentially been a non factor with only five catches (three of them in this game), but I liked the guy when he was healthy and it’s nice to see him back on the field. Besides, I missed the color guys not being able to pronounce his name. To quote one of Fox’s announcers during the game, “Brian Finnenan, Finneran, making the catch.” Hilarious.

-Performance Grades:

A+: QB Matt Ryan. The guy looked like a verteran out there, calling audibles and vocally leading his team on drives. The rookie’s stats were 22/30 for 301 yards and a TD, marking this Ryan’s first career 300+ yard game. The guy is a class act, showing poise and confidence in the pocket. With six seconds left on the game clock, his 26 yard pass to Michael Jenkins which set up the game winning field goal was one of the most brilliant plays I’ve seen come out of Atlanta in over a year. Here’s an interesting fact; since 1998 Ryan is the only rookie QB to go 4-2. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Kyle Orton.

A-: The Atlanta wide receivers. I suppose the critics were right; Mike Vick could run all day long, but couldn’t throw an accurate pass worth betting a dog on (yeah, I went there). In his last season with the Falcons in 2006 Vick had a total of 2,474 yards passing whereas Ryan has amassed 1,164 passing yards in a mere six games this season. Ryan is producing where Mike Vick couldn’t with essentially the same wide receiving core in Roddy White, Michael Jenkins, and even Brian Finneran. Add to the fact that TE Alge Crumpler is no longer part of the team, and it goes to show how the Falcons WR’s have stepped up their game. They’re making themselves look good by coming up with the big plays and by doing something as simple as holding onto the ball. Drops plagued both White and Jenkins early on in their careers, but it seems like that may be a thing of the past. 

B+: Jamaal Anderson. The Falcons first round draft choice of last season was all over the Chicago offense, making plays in the backfield, batting balls, netting four tackles and the first sack of his career. You have to love his name too as there’s a lot of history there. If he ever returns a fumble or a pick for a TD, he’d better dance ‘The Dirty Bird’.

B: The rest of the Falcons defense. Talk about bend but don’t break. While giving up a total of 365 yards, the Falcons defense allowed only 79 yards rushing and held the Bears from scoring on three of their four first half possessions. While slipping in the second half of the game, they stood tall when they needed to, stopping the Bears on a 4th and goal with 8 minutes left to play in the fourth quarter. Rookie rusher Matt Forte tried to jump over the pile for the score, but the Falcons D held their ground, stuffing Forte before he could propel himself forward. The fans in the Dome went nuts, and so did I.

C: The Falcons red zone offense. The offense would make awesome plays and long drives to march down field into scoring range but were unable to come away with 7 points until the fourth quarter. This nearly came back to bite the young Falcons squad, and their lack of productivity in the red zone needs to change if Atlanta wants to make a serious run at post season play.

NOOOOO!! Moment: When (usually) money kicker Jason Elam shanked a 33 yard field goal try with 2:50 left in the game, which would have put the Falcons up by two scores. Atlanta then had to turn the ball over to the Bears who scored a TD, taking the lead 20-19 with a mere 11 ticks of the clock remaining. Luckily though, Elam redeemed himself by making the game winning 48 yard kick with one second remaining. Make no doubt about it, Elam needs to buy Matt Ryan, Michael Jenkins, and the clock operator drinks for the rest of the season. 

Coolest Stat: The Falcons are 4-2 and have already matched their number of wins from last season when they went 4-12.

Biggest Hit: When Atlanta’s Jason Snelling nailed Devin Hester flat on his ass on the opening kickoff of the second half. The dude literally took a seat and it was awesome.

Bet You Didn’t Know: That six Falcons rookies started in today’s game and all of them contributed to the teams win. They are: 1) QB Matt Ryan. 2) OT Sam Baker who did an excellent job protecting Ryan. 3) WR Harry Douglas (sporting Alge Crumpler’s #83) who had 5 receptions for 96 yards. 4) MLB Curtis Lofton who had 6 solo tackles and 1 assisted tackle. 5) CB Chevis Jackson who registered 3 tackles. 6) DE Kroy Biermann who made a tackle. Nice work rookies.

So That’s Weird: One of the Falcons fight songs is the same that is played when the Minnesota Wild score a goal.

Most Useless Fact of the Day: Falcons coach Mike Smith is the brother in law of one of the Fox color guys as they are both married to sisters. What’s that? You could give a crap? Yeah, so could I yet they wouldn’t stop talking about it all afternoon. My ears are still bleeding.

Most Quotable: “Warner very nearly, got it from behind.” – Fox sports color guy. I know, I know; this quote isn’t from the Falcons/Bears game, but from the Dallas Cowboys/Arizona Cardinals game. Even so, it was too hilarious to leave unmentioned.

The Final Word: The Falcons have found themselves to be in a great spot at this point in the season with a 4-2 record, tied with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers for first place in the NFC South. They remind me of this years Buffalo Bills team in that they are young squad with even younger starting QBs, nobody predicted them to go anywhere, and they are finding ways to win. Critics were unsure about the Falcons as their first two victories were against weak opponents (Lions, Chiefs), but after solid wins against two of the NFC’s elite in the Packers and Bears, the Atlanta Falcons should be taken seriously. Next up Atlanta travels to Philadelphia, taking on the Eagles in week eight. With a bye this coming week, the Dirty Birds need to ride out their current high and continue to erase memories of a time before Matt Ryan. 

Picking 3rd overall in the 2008 NFL Draft served the Atlanta Falcons well.

Even before the draft began, there was speculation over whether or not the Falcons would select the top rated QB in the draft: Matt Ryan from Boston College. The Baltimore Ravens were also in the hunt for the QB and there was ‘talk’ that the Falcons may trade with the Ravens for the pick. Luckily, that didn’t happen as Atlanta did go with Ryan for the 3rd overall selection in the 2008 NFL Draft.

Ryan, the 2007 ACC Player of the Year, had a college average of throwing 322.1 yards per game, which should excite Falcons Nation. An aspect about Ryan’s game that is commendable is his ability to read defenses. Prior to the draft, Ryan was briefed by the Atlanta coaching staff on specific plays in the Falcons play book. When debriefed, Ryan was able to flawlessly diagram the plays he studied. He has the ability to turn a broken play into a big play with his arm and accuracy; Something that the former face of the franchise, Michael Vick, could only do with his feet. After being drafted, the rookie’s first words were, “I’m just pumped to be a Falcon!” When a reporter asked him what was the first thing that came to mind when he heard the word ‘Atlanta’, Ryan responded with “winning games.”

That’s a good answer.

This move by the Falcons brass has, to many fans, slammed the door shut on the Michael Vick era. This team now belongs to the rookie who has potential, a strong arm, and accuracy. Accuracy being something that Vick severely lacked during his tenure with the Falcons. On paper, the only thing Vick clearly trumps Ryan on is his ability to scramble. Matt Ryan has maneuverability, but he is no Michael Vick. Regardless, Falcons owner Arthur Blank is eager to assign a new face to his franchise, seemingly eliminating any thought that Vick may once again wear the red, black, and white. With the house cleaning of Vick-Era veterans (Crumpler, Hall, Dunn, Duckett, Kerney, etc.) the Falcons seem to be turning over a new leaf, desperately trying to find a new identity both in the locker room and for their fan base. This seems to have been accomplished by the drafting of Matt Ryan.

Still, declaring Vick’s tenure with the Falcons as definitely a thing of the past may be a bit premature.

Ryan threw 19 interceptions last season at Boston College, and the defense only gets tougher in the NFL. As proved by Ryan’s new teammate, Joey Harrington, 3rd pick QB’s in the first round don’t always turn out the way one would hope. Falcons nation needs to keep in mind that Michael Vick, a former first round pick as well, can potentially return to the NFL for the 2010 season. If Ryan does falter, the Falcons would be right back where they started; in need of a franchise QB and indecisive about what to do with Vick. Essentially, Number Seven’s future is in the hands of Matt Ryan and how well he plays.

Only time will tell.

Aside from Ryan the Falcons didn’t make much noise in the draft. They traded up in the first round with the Washington Redskins in order to pick OT Sam Baker (USC) with the 21st overall selection. When the announcement was made that the Falcons had traded up for this pick, I was anticipating them to select a WR. The fact that they didn’t wasn’t a surprise, as Atlanta’s last two first round WR selections have been busts; 2004 Michael Jenkins (pick #29) and 2005 Roddy White (pick #27 ). Although in all fairness, White did have the best season of his career in 2007 and he seems to finally be coming around. Still, the selection of Baker at #21 was an odd move by Atlanta, one which I was skeptical about at first. Trading up to take Baker doesn’t look stupendous on paper, but the Falcons need help on the O line. With a new QB spearheading the organization, I can understand why immediate protection of the play caller became a necessity. Also, five OT’s were selected before Baker, so Atlanta wanted to pick from the better players available at the position. The fact that division rival, Carolina Panthers, selected OT Jeff Otah at #19 probably made the need to select an offensive lineman all the more immediate for Atlanta. Unfortunately for the Falcons, Baker has been struggling with injuries since the beginning of his senior season, but when he is healthy he is a dominant pass blocker.

In the second round, the Falcons had only one pick (#37) with which they used on LB Curtis Lofton (Oklahoma). With the aging of both Lawyer Milloy and Keith Brooking, help at Linebacker has become a necessity for the Dirty Birds. Lofton has the ability to make the big, hard hit on defense, and he has decent ball handling skills, which is a bonus. Even so, the Atlanta coaching staff needs to help him develop in order for him to be effective come September.

Atlanta had three picks in the third round (#68, #84, #98 ) with which they selected CB Chevis Jackson (LSU), WR Harry Douglas (Louisville), and S Thomas DeCoud (California). Jackson is a physical player, but no DeAngelo Hall. Lucklily for everyone associated with the Falcons, Jackson isn’t like DeAngelo Hall in other aspects as well, such as his mouth and attitude. Harry Douglas was a selection the Falcons had to make as they need help in the WR department. He’s small, and where he lacks in quickness he makes up for in agility. This skill will help him become a great route runner; Something that an accurate QB, like Ryan, can take full advantage of. Douglas can have an early impact on the team. The only WR that has a comfortable spot on the Falcons roster is Roddy White, and even he isn’t the #1 WR Atlanta wants him to be. Thomas DeCoud seems to be more of a special teams acquisition, as opposed to his signature position of Safety, in that he has blocked a number of kicks in his career and is good on kick coverage.

The Falcons were idle in the fourth round and had two picks in the fifth round. With picks #138 and #154 they selected two OLB: Robert James (Arizona State) and Kroy Biermann (Montana). I don’t know much about either, so I won’t comment on them, but picking two OLB’s back to back is an interesting move. As mentioned before, the Falcons do need depth at this position with current Linebackers Lawyer Milloy and Keith Brooking not getting any younger. With their lone pick in the 6th Round at #172, the birds took RB Thomas Brown (Gerogia). Brown is a small RB who has the potential to slip by linebackers- Similar to former RB Warrick Dunn’s style of play. This style coming in handy when a huge clump of bodies forms on the ball carrier, and then out squeaks the small sized RB! Brown’s official status on the team will no doubt be behind that of existing RB’s Jerious Norwood and new acquisition Michel Turner. To complete the draft, Atlanta selected with the 212th pick, CB Wilrey Fontenot (Arizona) and at #232, TE Keith Zinger (LSU). I don’t know much about these guys, but I hope Zinger develops into a useful player. With the departure of Alge Crumpler, the Falcons desperately need a tight end. Although, to hope for a seventh round pick to develop into a super star is a shot in the dark.

Overall I was pleased with the selections the Falcons made in this years draft. I only hope that Matt Ryan becomes the player Falcons Nation wants him to be; The new face of the franchise who brings home a Championship.

We shall see.

I must say it is refreshing to see the Falcons make some cuts about a week ago. The following players were released: Alge Crumpler, Rod Coleman, Wayne Gandy, Byron Leftwich, Marcus Wilkins, Jamin Elliott and Lewis Sanders. This is an injury prone, past their prime group who’s days of helping this franchise are in the past. And I’m glad to see that no player is safe. As I stated in my previous blog ‘The Blame Game is Full of Mularkey!’, the Falcons need to clean house. The more negative emotion Mike Smith and Arthur Blank can remove from that locker room, the better. I’m sure that many people are a little annoyed to see Coleman and Gandy go, and frustrated to see Crumpler go. If this were a year or two ago, I’d agree with those people. However, these three’s days of glory with this franchise are in the past. Especially Alge Crumpler’s. His total catches dropped dramatically this season, as well as his TD’s, and total yards.

Sorry Alge, but when your biggest game comes at the end of a 4-12 season, you’re past your prime. Also, calling out your new head coach early in the season is a punk move. You were a leader on that team and you turned into a fifteen year old throwing a temper tantrum. Instead of trying to cool the inferno of the offseason, you fanned the flames. Fanned them with a gigantic fan. A fan so big, it would appear in Fan Man’s level of a Megaman game! . . . But I digress.

He also missed about a third of practices this season. He usually didn’t practice until Thursday or Friday due to his injuries, thus missing many drills and not helping any chemistry develop between himself and his new QB’s. I hate to say it because they were electrifying together, but #7 and #83 are a thing of the past. While we can appreciate what Alge and Mike have done for this team on the field as undeniably awesome, it’s time to move on. Clean house. Start anew. Everything is impermanent and due to sick twists of fate, this combination is done.

And I’m o.k. with that. What I’m not o.k. with is that Smith didn’t try to wheel and deal. He could have tried to get something for Crumpler by making a trade (a draft pick would have been nice) instead of just handing him over to the free market. But I can get over that. I’m just glad to see this organization making changes . . . except for the change of making Mike Mularkey offensive coordinator . . . Anyway . . .

. . . Who’s next?

*rubs hands evilly*

This opinion piece is a touch dated, but I still like it:

Two topics are occupying my mind in regards to my beloved team the Atlanta Falcons.

First- While this may now be considered old news, I still need to bring up that it was very disheartening to have Bobby Petrino leave with three games left in the season. Disheartening, frustrating, confusing, the list of adjectives is endless. There is no doubt that what Petrino did was sleazy and cowardly. No head coach should ever walk out on an owner, team, and organization the way Petrino did. These statements are generally accepted by the Atlanta Falcon fan. However, I must play devils advocate. When players, such as Lawyer Milloy, is quoted as saying “He ruined a year of my life,” and when ‘veterans’ like DeAngleo Hall are seen pleading to an opposing teams coach to come play for them during a game (as he did to Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints), and when ‘leaders’ on the team like Alge Crumpler call out the coach before week six of the season, I see Bobby Petrino as all of the aformentioned adjectives- but also as one more; a scapegoat.

These players need to realize that their season did not end with Bobby Petrino leaving in week 13, it ended back in training camp when Mike Vick was accused of dog fighting. No coach could have had a team overcome what the Falcons organization were faced with this pre-season. Especially a college coach in his rookie season with a franchise. Petrino did not ruin the season for the Falcons, Mike Vick did. I will now address the three players I mentioned above:

Lawyer Milloy- Where do you get off saying that Bobby Petrino ruined a year of your life? You should give your buddy Vick a call. You had a few seasons with the Pats, did nothing for the Bills, and aren’t making noise with the Falcons (except verbal noise). You were past your prime when you joined Atlanta- If I were you, I’d be happy Petrino didn’t cut me.

DeAngelo Hall- Grow up. You aren’t T.O. You aren’t Chad Johnson. You’re a better than average inconsistent corner. Good for you. Now shut up.

Alge Crumpler- You really disappointed me this season. Dunn, Brooking, and you are the glue that holds this team together. Well, you were anyway. The first two kept their mouths shut and played the game. Alge, you had to blow your mouth off about Petrino early in the season. This did nothing to help anyone in the locker room and on the coaching staff. You only added more fuel to an already blazing inferno. You should be ashamed of yourself. You had an opportunity to lead at your doorstep and you chose to act like mouthy teenager. Where do you get off questioning Petrino’s offensive coaching abilities when you missed most practices during the season (therefore missing drills and not developing a rhythm with your QB) and had a career high season of dropped balls. Look in the mirror big guy- You didn’t help your team in any aspect this season be it on or off the field. You’re past your prime too. Go somewhere else and give the Falcons a second round draft pick.

Again, I am not defending Petrino, but it seems some Falcons players need to see the bigger picture as to why this year was a waste for Falcons Nation. And look at where Petrino was sitting- He didn’t sign up for what he got. He joined the Falcons to coach Mike Vick. That prospect was slammed in his face months into his job and a few weeks before week 1. Thanks Mike. He didn’t sign up to be verbally assaulted week in and week out by his players. If you were working a job where your co-workers showed you no respect in a company that is in shambles, you’d probably leave too.

Bottom line: Everyone can play the blame game, but the winner this year is Mike Vick.

And now onto my second point; What is Mike Smith thinking hiring Mike Mularkey as the new offensive coordinator? Has he done any research on this guy? That is a rhetorical question because it’s obvious he hasn’t. I am from Buffalo and am a Bills season ticket holder. I went to all 16 Bills home games that Mularkey coached for the Bills in 2004 and in 2005 and they were all dreadful. He made horrible coaching decisions, ruined our prospect rookie quarterback by not giving him consistent coaching (watch out Atlanta!), made head scratching calls (running on 3rd and 7), made hair pulling ‘trick’ plays, and is just an overall moron and media dud.Oh yeah, he also spent the last two seasons with the Dolphins as the offensive coordinator and the tight ends coach. Let me rephrase that: TWO SEASONS WITH THE 1-15 MIAMI DOLPHINS. . . And now he is a Falcon. I’m sure Crumpler is going to love him! And did you notice how on atlantafalcons.com in the picture they have of Mularkey for the article announcing his position, he is wearing his Bills gear? That picture is over two years old. . . It’s obvious the Falcons organization doesn’t want anyone who is only slightly educated in football to associate him with the Dolphins. Educated Falcons fans should write Mr. Blank a letter thanking them for what he has done for the team, but also to inform him to do some research and realize that Mularkey is in no way going to aid this organization. He came from Miami. The 1-15 Dolphins.

In conclusion, I was hoping that the Falcons would pick up some decent leadership this off-season- Smith I’m not sold on yet and Mularkey makes me want to scream till my throat bleeds. Already this is headed in a cloudy direction. Also, I would like Mr. Blank to clean house with their loud mouthed, unproductive, inconsistent, championshipless veterans in exchange for some young talent out of the draft. . . But I’m just a fan.

What do I know.