Dudes, everything about The Dudes’ Brewing Company’s Double Trunk Double IPA is 100% win — especially the taste, color, gorgeous label design and 10.8% alcohol content! Man, that label though — it’s what caught my attention and as an elephant lover, I had to give it a swing. Plus, the name of the brewery itself sounded inviting. Nice work marketing guy! The 4-pack was well worth the price and I’m looking forward to trying out the line-up of this local brewer here in Los Angeles.


It’s been far too long since I’ve had one many of these inside me.

Beer memories

As a fan of Big Sky Brewing Company’s Moose Drool Brown Ale, I gave their Summer Honey Seasonal Ale a shot tonight. It’s the perfect cap on this re-energizing day!


Big Sky’s label art’s pleasing to the eye, too — I love forest creatures! Even ones that would eat or maul me to death if I got too close.

I’ve never been to Montana, but would love to get there one day for some mind-cleansing. Lived close by once in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a few months back in 2007. My reasons for being there? I played Romeo in a traditional interpretation (with some wicked fight scenes!) of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” It was a lot of fun and Wyoming is absolutely gorgeous, but the 5-1 male to female ratio is no good.

My Hawaii vacation commenced today at 4am when my fiancee, the Boon Monster and I took to the Metro Red Line in Hollywood for a rendezvous with the FlyAway Bus at Union Station.


On the plane, the Boon Monster discovered the wonders of headphones for the first time and became DJ Monster. She’s all like, “This is my B, The Mom.” This was something like her 5th time flying and easily the best she’s ever behaved. In a 12 hour span, all said and done, she only threw two minor hissy fits. Easily a highlight of the day.


Our rental car. Note the missing headlight. Not pictured: the sandalicious interior, not-working seatbelt and damaged dashboard. First World problems to be sure, but it may be worth it for my parents to reconsider where they decide to cut corners.


These little guys are everywhere! The Common Myna is like the pidgeon of Hawaii — only not repulsive and disease ridden. Or frequently seen missing a leg.


With food shopping done and the fridge stocked with the local flavor of Kona Brewing Company & Hawaii Nui Brewing, this vacation has officially begun!


On a total tangent, I finished “Dune: The Butlerian Jihad” last night, my second experiencing of the novel. Reading 30+ comics a week has absolutely destroyed my attention span for prose, so banging this baby out in under a month wasn’t easy — it’s my first cover-to-cover prose read in over 3 years. I told myself I’d read every single “Dune” book in 2013, and had to bang this one out last night so as to bring along “Dune: The Machine Crusade” to Hawaii.


As previously stated, fall and winter are my favorite times of year for beer — I love all the seasonal selections, from breweries both big and small. Picked up the Samuel Adams seasonal 12 pack as well as the Pyramid line-up recently. Loved all the Sam Adams beers, especially “Old Fezziwig” & “White Christmas,” but aside from “Snow Cap,” it became as difficult as beer drinking can get to finish off the Pyramid brews. That “Chai” beer was atrocious and tasted like cigarette water.



This is as far as I go with food porn — Pumpkin all the things!

Man, I love pumpkin flavored everything. I can’t recall anything I’ve eaten in my life pumpkin flavored I didn’t like. So good! Anyone out there have recipes to share?

Side note: It’s pure villainy for the local grocery store chain near my apartment to not stock Count Chocula, Franken Berry nor Boo Berry but have an enormous display of Halloween-themed Pop-Tarts. Granted, some of them are pumpkin flavored, but still. Villainy, I say!

I love the harvest beers brewers put out this time of year — Octoberfests and Pumpkin Ales are some of my favorite brew choices. Granted, I usually can’t drink more than one or two at a time, but I’m drinking it for the taste not the buzz. Although that’s nice, too.

Anyone out there have a favorite harvest brew? I’m game to track down tasty options!