“When Brian Wood and Garry Brown’s ‘The Massive’ failed to appear in the past two Dark Horse Comics solicitations, fans were worried about what that might mean for the series Wood has said was slated for a thirty-issue run.

However, CBR has confirmed the series has not been canceled, and kicks off a 3-issue arc beginning with ‘The Massive’ #16 in September. Dark Horse has provided CBR with covers for ‘The Massive’ #16, #17 & #18 by artist J.P. Leon, along with the solicit information for #16. Below that, we also have an exclusive preview of ‘The Massive’ #14 which goes on sale July 24.”

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Set shortly before “A New Hope,” it’s James Bond meets Star Wars and it’s pretty good.

REVIEW: “Star Wars: Agent of the Empire — Hard Targets” #1 — Click to read entire review

“The first ‘Star Wars’ trilogy is the most difficult time period to write original stories without retreading what’s already been done, but in ‘Star Wars: Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets’ #1, writer John Ostrander and artist Davide Fabbri present a slick, cool and strangely likable character in Jahan Cross of Imperial Intelligence.

Cross is the Empire’s James Bond, and this story takes place shortly before the events of ‘Episode IV: A New Hope’ on the peaceful planet of Alderaan. Star Wars expanded universe fans will recognize numerous cameo appearances including Ysanne Isard, the hardened female Imperial leader from the ‘Rogue Squadron’ novels, a younger Princess Leia and the most infamous bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett. With these characters and others, Ostrander has utilized established Expanded Universe lore and riffs off it, while at the same time presenting an original character readers can latch on to in Cross.”

Good but not great. I’m excited the character is back, though.

“Ghost” #0 — Click to read entire article

“Ghost, whose real name is Elisa Cameron, has been drawn by a myriad of artists since her inception in 1993 including Adam Hughes, Terry Dodson and Ivan Reis, but writer Eric Luke is known best for defining the character during his 37 issue run with her in the mid-90s. “Ghost” #0 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Noto is the latest incarnation of the character and the first in over a decade, reprinting the serials that appeared in “Dark Horse Presents” #13-15.

The story is simple enough: a two-man crew of ghost hunters rouse the spirit of ‘Ressurection Mary’ (Ghost) for their cable T.V. show. The show’s host Tommy Byers is after international fame, while the series’ leading man Vaughn Barnes only wishes to get his life back on track, not interested in taking the knowledge of ‘Mary’ public.”

Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, ComicAttack.net has an exclusive preview of the covers to “Ghost Omnibus” vol. 4, “Rex Mundi” Omnibus vol. 2, “Number 13” #1 and the “Rotten Apple” one-shot.

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“Ghost” Omnibus vol. 4 TPB

Chris Warner (W), Mike Kennedy (W), Christian Zanier (P), Ryan Benjamin (P/I), Chris Brunner (P/I), Steve Moncuse (I), Chris Chalenor (C), Dan Jackson (C), Digital Broome (C), and Den Beauvais (Cover)

On sale Feb 27
FC, 280 pages
TP, 6” x 9”

After what seems like a lifetime trying to reconstruct the events that led to her death, Ghost finally nears the white-hot core of the truth. But like pieces of a broken window, the shards of the past can be dangerous and razor-sharp, and sometimes the truth goes deeper than anyone would want. And for the Spectral Avenger, a past revealed may mean a future destroyed.

• Ghost’s origin saga.”

Thun’da. The most brutal jungle warrior of the 1950s.