“Aspen Comics exclusively revealed to CBR News covers for four new titles releasing in 2014, including Frank Mastromauro, Vince Hernandez & Mike DeBalfo’s “#Cosplay,” Mastromauro & Marco Lorenzana’s “Awaken Skies,” Hernandez & Giuseppe Cafaro’s “Fathom: Kiani” and “Legend of the Shadow Clan” vol. 2 by David Wohl, Brad Foxhoven & Cory Smith.”

“SDCC EXCLUSIVE: Aspen Announces “Awaken Skies,” “#Cosplay” & More” — Click to read entire article


Writer Frank Mastromauro spoke with me about his new sci-fi series at Aspen Comics, “Overtaken.”


“Aspen’s Mastromauro Gets ‘Overtaken’ in August” — Click to read entire article

“In August, creator and Aspen co-owner Frank Mastromauro, along with artist Marco Lorenzana, brings an investigative sci-fi edge to the initiative’s line-up with ‘Overtaken,’ a series which puts an extraterrestrial spin on missing persons cases. ‘Overtaken’ marks Mastromauro’s second 10 For $10 title, joining his writing gig on ‘Shrugged’ vol. 2, a slice of life series highlighted by its fantastical elements.

CBR News spoke with Mastromauro about ‘Overtaken,’ its alien life forms, leading characters and technology, an update on ‘Shrugged’ vol. 2 and his thoughts on whether or not the truth really is out there.

CBR News: Frank, seeing as ‘Overtaken’ is a sci-fi tale, when does the series take place, and what is it about?

Frank Mastromauro: It takes place in the present. ‘Overtaken’ is my spin on the backs of milk cartons (which you don’t really see anymore) of missing people — you don’t really know where they all go. This is my story on where those people end up with a sci-fi spin.

‘Aliens’ is one of my favorite movies, and I love monster movies. It could be the crappiest movie on Syfy, but I’ll still check it out. It’s impossible these days to tell anything that’s totally original, but I didn’t want to do a classic alien abduction or invasion story, so I found a cool way to mix the two.

The main character, Will Harden, is an investigative reporter who can’t accept the fact his wife was taken by aliens and he goes on a quest to figure out what really happened. He then unravels a conspiracy that’s been going on for years regarding UFO sightings and encounters. I’ll touch on real life things to give the story gravity and weight, like crop circles, Area 51 and the two flight attendants who still swear to this day that when they were crossing over Europe, there was a huge ship in front of them and they had to divert the plane — the pilots were fired on charges of drifting.”