I’m power ranking all of the X-Men (and former X-Men) who are currently appearing in a comic book or have appeared in a comic since Messiah Complex ended. There are 75 total characters to rank (nearly all are mutants) beginning with the weakest and ending with the strongest.

So what are power rankings? Mostly used to rank sports teams on how well they are playing now, my power rankings are a list of X-Men based on what their power set is in current continuity (or most recent appearance). Other factors that determined a character’s ranking are: what their power potential is, what they’ve already proven they can do (so long as it is still relevant in current continuity), and their over all level of badassness. If you disagree with me that’s totally cool- please leave a civilized comment explaining why. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, and while I believe this list to be very solid in it’s numbering, I want to hear your thoughts! Yo. Yo. Yo: Check it out:

cannon#13. Cannonball: After Messiah Complex, Sam Guthrie has gotten into a couple bar fights, kicked the crap out of the Young X-Men (who were misinformed that he was a member of the Hellfire Club), takes down Magneto by disarming his magnetism suit, and tackles Empath. When he was informed by Magik that Moonstar and Karma had been abducted in New Mutants, he didn’t hesitate to re-establish the old team to look for his friends. Cannonball and Sunspot appear to be sharing leadership duties for the team.

Powers: Sam’s recent resume is less than exhilarating, but the reason why he gets such a high spot here is because of his power potential. Cannonball has the power to generate thermo-chemical energy and release it through his skin, propelling his body through the air at great speeds and with considerable maneuverability. As his powers have developed, he can now shoot this energy from practically any part of his body, not just his feet. You’re probably still wondering what’s so great about Sam, and here’s the hook- when Cannonball is ‘blasting’ he has meta-human durability and is virtually indestructible due to an energy field that forms over his body. He can even have this blast field encompass those within his immediate vicinity, and can even use it to absorb kinetic energy and then release it to propel him even further, increasing his power level. At his peak Sam has defeated the highly renowned Shi’Ar warrior, Gladiator, and that’s flat out bad ass!

First Appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #4, 1982.

havok#12. Havok: I used to despise Havok. I downright hated him for how he treated my boy Iceman by being the catalyst for Bobby’s romantic relationships with Lorna Dane and nurse Annie Ghazikhanian coming to a dramatic halt. He’s a total dick head, but since he’s embarked on his crusade to kill his brother Vulcan, it’s difficult not to be a fan of Alex Summers. The guy is almost as loony tunes as his lover Polaris, and is so fueled with rage, hate, anger, and destruction towards his brother that he’s willing to kill whomever stands in his way in order to eliminate him. In X-Men: Kingbreaker Vulcan was holding Alex prisoner 20 miles below a faraway planet’s surface, underwater, and far from any star or solar energy which prevented him from using his powers. He broke out though, fueled with his burning desire for vengeance against Vulcan for killing their father (Corsair, the former captain of the Starjammer) and for imprisoning his fellow Starjammers and Polaris. The dude is crazy.

Powers: Havok has the power of Ambient Energy Conversion with which he absorbs ambient cosmic energy (and even local energies from his environment like starlight, x-rays, and gamma radiation) into the cells of his body and changes it into plasma. Sometimes this energy intake is too much for him to handle on his own, so his costume serves as a containment suit, helping Alex control how much energy he releases at any given time. However, if he reaches his capacity for cosmic energy, the excess is immediately released after absorption. When all of his available energy is used, it takes Havok 16.5 hours to recharge to his peak level. His plasma blasts are usually released in a concentric circular pattern and can disintegrate objects, have concussive force, and give him the ability to fly. Alex is immune to most forms of heat and radiation, and if he were to release his cosmic energy for an extended period of time, it becomes physically taxing on him.

First Appearance: X-Men #54, 1969.

captainb#11. Captain Britain: Brian Braddock played no role in Messiah Complex, but during Secret Invasion he was fighting the Skrulls on the British front alongside Pete Wisdom, the Black Knight, Spitfire, and others, calling themselves the MI-13. When the Skrulls launched a missile aiming to destroy Earth’s access to magic, Brian attempted to divert it but was killed in it’s explosion. He was resurrected (again) by Merlyn, and taking hold of the sword Excalibur, he kicked the crap out of a bunch of Skrulls in London. Ultimately, a deal with Pete Wisom and the forces of Dark Magic rid England of the Skrulls, and Captain Britain came to the realization that his post-resurrection power set is virtually limitless. Even though he could easily take out all of the enemies to Great Britain with sheer brute strength, Brian has made a vow (and committed his teammates to it as well) that the members of MI-13 will not kill.

Powers: Unlike his sister Betsy, Brian is not a mutant but is powered by inter-dimensional energies concentrated around the British Isles in our world and in other dimensions. If he moves too far away from the field, the result will be an eventual power loss so he wears a suit which counteracts this effect. So in theory, his costume works as both an antenna and a battery which retain his powers wherever he goes. His powers used to be granted to him via the Amulet of Right which he wore around his neck and a Star Scepter (which enabled him to fly), but the wizard Merlyn removed the power from these tools and placed it all into his suit. Shortly after doing this, Brian was killed… go figure. So Merlyn resurrected him (this was the first time) by remaking his body and having his powers be more innate by having the suit serve as more of an amplifier to his powers as opposed to their source. Currently, Brian’s power levels are based on his own confidence (similar to those of his lover, Meggan), so the more he believes in himself and his actions the more powerful he becomes. The reverse, of course, is also true. Therefore his power limits are unknown at the moment, but we do know that he possesses super strength, enhanced stamina, agility, reflexes, senses, and durability (his body is surrounded by a force field emitted from the suit that prevents practically anything except gasses from passing through). Captain Britain’s flight speed peaks at the speed of sound (77o mph).

First Appearance: Captain Britain #1, 1976.