I’m involved in the webseries “Super Power Beat Down” with Bat in the Sun Productions. It’s a show which takes two super powered legends from across geek culture and makes them battle in live action fights.

My role with the show is to play co-host and master debater with my pals Damian Beurer, Marisha Ray, Jennifer Wenger and other geek experts on who would win each fight. Our roles are merely supplementary to the kick ass live action battles, but it’s a lot of fun to put together. My character comes off as a misogynistic wiener at times — I promise you I’m not like that in real life!

Our most recent episode went live recently and features two video game personas going head to head — Nathan Drake vs. Lara Croft, a.k.a. Tomb Raider.

Check it out:

Super Power Beat Down #4: Lara Croft vs. Nathan Drake

Catch all three past episodes here:

Episode #3: Wolverine vs. Batman

Episode #2: Gandalf vs. Darth Vader

Episode #1: 1960s Batmobile vs. 1980s Batmobile

If you want to vote for the winner of the next fight visit SuperPowerBeatDown.com — it’s Gambit vs. Nightwing! And now for some more behind the scenes photos:


Scored an exclusive trailer for CBR of the “Batgirl Spoiled” webseries featuring my pals Damian Beurer, Marisha Ray and Joey Rassool.

Click to watch the trailer and read the full article

“The crew of “Batgirl Spoiled” has provided CBR TV with an exclusive trailer of their upcoming webseries, “Batgirl Spoiled.” The production stars Marisha Ray as Stephanie Brown, Taliesin Jaffe as The Riddler and is directed by Damian Beurer. The trailer teases cameo appearances of the Bat family, including Batwoman, The Question and many others.”

Side note — I never realized until I started writing for CBR how fast people rip content from other sites and pass it off as their own. It’s sad.