The guilt he feels weighs heavily on his mind.

Like sunlight in the afternoon, it comes and goes.

He feels sorrow for a past love,

She was a happy person and he hurt her.

Wretched intentional acts of the past have caught up to the present, disrupting the man’s future.

His new fortress begins to crumble all around him;

 Plans catch aflame, burning a horrible feeling forever in his gut.

The feeling extends it’s vice grip to the mind;

It holds on tight, not allowing him to move forward. 

Constant reminders to learn from past mistakes keep the man in a stable frame of mind….

However, that is where it stays; stable. Not positive… only stable. 

This has locked him in a perpetual state of unhappiness,

Affecting everything and every person that surrounds him.

Nothing will change, either…

Until he learns to forgive himself.


Passing glass back and forth

We drive on the open road

Our energies cruising with time

As we observe nature’s beauty

Two best friends

Living in the present

Sharing stories of past moments

We laugh as a cloud surrounds us

Then without warning

A flash of red and blue


Our happy gathering

Eyes burned red

My mind computing


Of possibilities

The enforcer approaches

Staying calm I return to my breathing

He shines an accusing, menacing light in my eyes

Breathing grounds me

“Here you go sir.”

He gets his documentation

Sixteen minutes 

Is all it takes to see my future

Self destruct

All for a few brief moments of fun

Sixteen minutes

He makes us wait

The breath is all I have

Sixteen minutes later

He returns

“Fix your muffler, and have a nice day.”

Relief washes over me

My senses relax 

Evidence that breathing

And control

Are the ultimate life savers.


Photo taken by Andy Liegl


Something we fear

A forceful blow

To our guarded ego.

I travel from place to place

And job to job

A lingering reminder that

Change is present.

Impermanence comes

As an unexpected revelation, 

Yet I know some things can last a lifetime.

Like you and I.

I love you.


Alone I sit

Eyes moving rapidly from side to side

Turning pages but not learning anything

Spending when I have nothing to give.

Alone I sit

Striving to tap my creative outlet

Thinking of time lost

Ignoring the future.

Alone I sit

Wasting time like toilet paper

Wondering which is shittier:

The past or the paper.


We are restricted

So through wires and invisible waves

we send our words, intentions, and thoughts

From lips

Traveling across thousands of miles

To ears

Along the way they are

Twisted, warped, changed

Yet their meaning remains the same

“I love you”.


I dread coming


To see him sitting


A weak


Was never 

A good thing.




A toy

And she’ll never be

More than that

In the eyes

That matter most to her.




The old man pushes a shopping cart

A loud, piercing sound of wheels

Echo internal cries 

Of loneliness

His eyes stained


His face wrinkled and


He pushes on

Where did his life go?

An ugly frown 

Recalls memories 

Of a loveless existence

He copes and keeps moving


The squeaking wheels

Telling him

To leave this life.


What’s the problem?

Eyes I can’t control

Pulling you into places I will not go

Icicles form around your lips

“Why are we talking then?”

Trust is such a fragile thing

Watch it break.


Crooked legs


A twisted body

And gelled hair

Preserves a shattered ego

With a cane in hand

He hobbles up to me

Firm muscles showcase

Fire, demons, and sexual desires

Sharp letters read

“I don’t give a flying fuck.”


Passes between us

Words are released

A human interaction transpires

Proving that


Has an enemy.

Steadily he stalks

Vacant black eyes behind thick glasses

A fishing hat


Atop a one track mind

With muscles bulging

He wanders

And wanders

Aimlessly walking through a life

Complete with awkwardness

Lacking any purpose

No direction

His cut off purple shirt

Reveals a simple


All for five cents.

An elastic smile

Beneath sad eyes

Sitting alone

In his flashy new car

With evasive glances

He pours from glass to plastic

Another quick look

He raises the cup to his lips

Amber liquid


A prolonged and torturous thirst

The mind clears and focus shifts

His smile never wavers

“Don’t tell on me.”

The car pulls away

A thick smell of fuel

The only reminder of how


Permeates everything.

There they were,

Two of a kind


But never alone

Smiling, bright, and clear

Their lives their canvas,

Each other their brush

Alarms go off

Jarring reality and rationality

It’s the only opening it needs

Swooping, diving, claws extended it takes over

Twisting all thought into something unpure

You’re the victim, I’m the witness

Yet it can’t stop

I want it to but it won’t stop

The gaps are exhausting, the emotions overwhelming

Yet, when the dust settles and the fog blows over

Only two figures remain

Cold, and wet

Yet they remain

You and I

All others, all else, all of it has changed

Not them

Not us

Let me take your hand

Trust me, I won’t let you go

Let me embrace you

Trust me, I won’t let you go

Let me be your love story

Trust me, I won’t let you go.

As my spirit gazed at the nighttime sky,

My mind went on an unexpected flight.

Not into darkness or light, but elsewhere.

My mind was surrounded by things unseen,

Creations only it could grasp and . . . joy.

Yet like a cry in the wind, they vanished

And were replaced by swirling mists and rain.

Through the thunderhead my spirit caught up,

Changing the storm into many bright stars.

My minds flight (now combined with my spirits’)

Discovered truth; The brightest star was her!

Now both understood. Her star is my world.

A place of happy endings and goodbyes,

Holding onto the starlight in her eyes.


Softly she came, knocking me off my path.

A path of intentional carelessness,

Of wanting, thoughts, and mindless open fields.

Looking back only once, I followed her.

Through thick weeds and dense fog, her path was near.

Once found, she beckoned me with her full smile.

Racing ahead with nothing on my back,

I anxiously set foot upon her path!

Joyful, I walked this new way without doubt,

Without fear, without hurtful desires.

Finally clasping hands, our auras shared,

She showed me unconquerable mountains,

Soft snow, happy creatures, and clear bright skies.

A new path, all in her spiritful eyes.

Written on October 22, 2007 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Photo taken on top of Snow King across from the Tetons.