I’m not sharing this Huffington Post article so much for the headlined story, but the slideshow that follows the main article. It lists 48 cases of teachers committing sex crimes against their underage students. What threw me is only 3 of the offenders are men.

I did not expect that.

Last week my fiancee and I looked at schools for our daughter to start in January. I remember thinking about one particular school, “I feel more comfortable all the teachers here are women.” I think I thought that because there’s a deep-seeded paranoia all fathers exhibit against all men regarding their little girls. We just assume the worst to better defend against it. That slideshow really caught me off-guard. Despite our most certain convictions, you just never know. People are fucked up.

This got me thinking — why do we as a society assume in most cases sex offenders are men? I suppose random or public offenses would point mostly to men since they have the physical strength or prowess to pull something off. Same with controlled environments mainly populated by adults, such as the workforce — men can manipulate and force other adults into situations easier than women, and the offenders are often in positions with resources to cover up misdeeds.

Why is the ratio so diverse when the main environment is schools? 48-3 tells a disparate story.

My main hypothesis is men go through a more scrutinizing hiring process, be it by design or otherwise. Upon entering the education system, a man’s background check is likely more rigorously examined than a woman’s and the screening process is more intense. If true, this is only part of the answer why there are drastically fewer male offenders than female in schools — they’ve been weeded out through the system. Beyond that I don’t really have any answers. Unfortunately, all parents deserve them.


It’s difficult to blame the school for letting Cook go, but either she and her fiancee should have been fired or neither.


buffalo_city_hall_-_001Some articles from today’s ‘Police Blotter’, found in The Buffalo News:

Man stabbed in face during attack by five

Swordsman gets arrested, victim gets 50 stitches

Repeat offenders both flee after drunk-driving crashes, one into a police car

Woman says ex-boyfriend fired shotgun at her van

Knife plunged into eye in dispute over beer money

Police discover rifle in pants leg of boy, 14

Unwelcome guest at home hurt in attack with car

Discovery of man\’s body probed in N. Tonawanda¬†

Ex-girlfriend suspected in credit card theftsmt_bank_center__liberity_building_-_buffalo_ny

Police seek public help to locate missing man, 51

Oakfield man accused of raping teenage girl

Death of male probed as homicidal in Westfield

Women robbed, ordered out of vehicle by three men

News sportswriter hurt in fall at All High Stadium

Gunman robs gas station, flees with can of beer

Man in hockey attire sought in Chippewa attack

Student hit by truck still in guarded condition

Driver on cell phone talks his way into DWI arrest

This is the world we live in. Could it be worse? Absolutely. But the fact remains; this is the world we live in.

We can do something about it.

Smile. Breathe. Go with the flow.