Wrote a fun piece on DC Comics’ New 52 “Red Hood and the Outlaws” character, Roy Harper being a Los Angeles Kings fan based on his hat’s logo. Kenneth Rocafort, the artist who designed the logo, even weighed in with his thoughts!


“DC’s Roy Harper: Los Angeles Kings Fan?” — Click to read full article

“DC Comics’ Roy Harper confronted his past and old mentor Green Arrow in ‘Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual’ #1, and this Saturday, Darryl Sutter, the head coach of the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings is facing something out of his own history as well — his former team the Chicago Blackhawks, who the Kings face in the Western Conference Finals of the Stanley Cup playoffs, a club he played left wing for from 1979-1987, then later commenced his coaching career with from 1992-1995.

On the surface, Roy Harper and the Los Angeles Kings don’t have any direct correlation, but upon closer examination something becomes obvious — the arrow slinging outlaw of the DC Universe is an LA Kings fan.

Since DC launched its New 52 continuity, Harper is often seen wearing a baseball cap with an ambiguous logo, but in certain images it strongly resembles a LA Kings logo, granted one that has been retired towards the end of this post-lockout NHL season. Check the evidence provided below!”

Last weekend I attended the Long Beach Comic & Horror Con and had a blast. I covered the Scott Lodell panel for CBR where the writer spoke on his three DC Comics titles promising a new direction for “Superman,” changes in “Teen Titans” and the “most severe beating of the Joker” ever in “Red Hood and the Outlaws.”  It was a good time!

LBCC: Lobdell Promises Radical Changes for “Superman,” “Teen Titans” & “Red Hood” — Click to read entire article

“Having just recently taken the reins on DC Comics’ ‘Superman,’ Scott Lobdell has already made significant changes to Clark Kent’s mythos. At the 2012 Long Beach Comic & Horror Con, Lobdell expanded on his upcoming ‘Superman’ work and the new, radical direction for Kent. He also revealed what’s in store for Jason Todd in the ‘Red Hood and the Outlaws’ tie-in stories for the Batman family crossover event, ‘Death of the Family,’ and gave some details on where ‘Teen Titans’ is headed after its tie-in issues conclude.

Lobdell was candid throughout the entire panel, fielding questions from fans and even moderating debates between people in the crowd over the topics discussed. Most notably, the subject of Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship, which began in ‘Justice League’ #12, sparked heated conversations between audience members.

The biggest exchange began when a woman in the crowd made the comment that the relationship between the leading Justice League members ‘feels like a fan story.’ A cosplayer dressed as Superman quickly replied, ‘It’s natural!’ Lobdell let the two converse and they both settled on agreeing to disagree, hugging out their differences. This set the tempo and mood for the rest of the panel, a lively venue where fans peppered Lobdell with their questions and opinions.”