A couple weeks ago in Los Angeles I attended Neil Gaiman’s talk on his latest novel, “The Ocean at the End of the Lane.” It was a great experience as I’ve never heard him speak live before, and he even dished on his upcoming “The Sandman: Overtures” series out in October. Can’t wait for that one!


“Gaiman Talks ‘Sandman,’ Walks to ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane'” — Click to read the full article

“Neil Gaiman took the stage at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California for an intimate and lively discussion of his newest novel, ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane.’ While the award-winning writer focused mainly on the autobiographical origins and construction of the New York Times #1 bestseller, Gaiman also covered a myriad of other topics, including his upcoming highly-anticipated ‘The Sandman: Overtures’ miniseries from Vertigo Comics, reflection on the original ‘Sandman,’ adding new stories to his ‘Neverwhere’ universe, his marriage and relationship with musician Amanda Palmer, odd writing rituals and many more stories from his long and successful career.

Gaiman, who reads a chapter from his book during tours, opened the event by explaining how satisfying it is for him to experience an audience’s reaction to hearing his words for the first time. ‘The fantastic side of doing something like this is, the entire writing process is ridiculously lousy,’ he said. ‘You come up with a great line, write it down and the room is quiet. My wife and kids make fun of me when they catch the facial expressions I make while writing. It’s a wonderful moment, reading a line out loud that I think is funny to an audience and they make the appropriate noise.

‘The best noise I ever heard from an audience was here in LA for ‘The Graveyard Book’ tour,’ Gaiman continued. ‘I read a moment from chapter 7 of ‘Graveyard,’ where somebody you think up until that point has been a nice person reveals himself to be a dangerous person. I got to that point, and the entire audience gasped dramatically. Then I closed the book and they all went ‘Awww!’ It was the best!’

The ice broken, the author began to reveal the mosaic of life experiences leading to the creation of ‘Lane,’ beginning by reminding the audience that he wrote ‘Coraline’ for his daughter Holly, Gaiman said ‘Lane’s’ dedication is to his wife, musician Amanda Palmer. ‘I had gone to Florida to work — which included a ‘Doctor Who’ script — and I missed my wife, dearly, who was making an album in Melbourne, Australia. This particular time wasn’t like when we’d check in on the road with long phone calls, because she was making an album. She’d send daily ‘I love you’ texts that closed with, ‘But I’m making an album.’ I missed her, so I started writing her a short story,’ he explained, evoking a collective good-humored sigh of endearment from the crowd.”

Bummed this series is now over, but elated it’s now a completed work.

“Scalped” #60 Review — Click to read the full article

“If you’ve never read an issue of Jason Aaron and R.M. Guera’s “Scalped” or if you’re not caught up to #60, I’d advise you return to this review once you’ve completed your own personal “Scalped” experience. It’s worth the endeavor spoiler free.

Not much can be added to the “Scalped” praise that hasn’t already been said. Since it debuted in 2007, “Scalped” is one of the few comics capable of evoking real, visceral emotion from the reader, and because of this it’s always been the first read in my stack each week it came out. Now “Scalped” is over, and while that’s a bummer, we can all hang our emptied pistols on the fact the comics industry has another superb gateway comic for new readers now in the rearview mirror. It finally exists as a completed work.”

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Finally completed Episode II.

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